Law permitting Police to break into your home to install trojans on your computer passes in German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern -

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Why would they need to break into your home when they already have remote access?
"Unfixable" security flaw in Intel chipsets released over the last five years, looks like Intel left the backdoors open, yikes!
Well does that work through a NAT? I doubt it. Polizei need to get into the private subnet first at least, which requires either cracking a Wi-Fi or plugging themselves into an Ethernet cable, which means they need a van at least. What says you?

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What happens if your antivirus removes the trojan? Does Malwarebytes go to digijail?
Germany will probably go to antivirus companies and tell them to not do anything about their trojan. We'll probably also see adverts about how such programs are bad for you and maybe even blocking such sites in the country. UK is known for stupid adverts about the internet and things like crypto and VPN's.

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Antivirus software is absolutely useless against targeted attacks (and have questionable use in general).
They can only detect malware that has already been in the wild for a while, found, and analyzed.
And even then there is just shit you can't reliably detect without getting tons of false positives. Keyloggers, polymorphic viruses, self-compiling encrypted programs, a lot of stuff uses things that legitimate software does or stuff that is just outright undetectable.
Antiviruses are literally a scam and if you're not sure about it, look no further than the court case between Microsoft and various antivirus vendors. I don't know the name of the case, but it was after Microsoft introduced signing their kernel to stop rootkits. This pissed off vendors cuz all of their antivirus software was a rootkit, despite not needing to be one at all, and Defender wasn't a rootkit to prove that. The vendors lost the case.