Dramacow Leah Albee - Reluctant Capitalist and Homeless Flag Burner

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Puppet Pal Clem

Leah Albee is your average dangerhair thrust into the context of an American veteran's household.


When she isn't shitting up the internet with social justice, she's burning flags with her friends.
Alas, this was a straw too far for her patriotic father, and he stripped her of that most important resource in a capitalist society, money, and kicked her from his house. Before this event he was even kind enough to have his waste of a daughter employed at his own small business, for which she was entirely ungrateful.




Will she get a job?
Will she learn to provide for herself?
Will she and her friends go an exciting life affirming adventure across these great United States?
Not likely, because she's immediately begging for money.

Here's her gofundme.
Archived for posterity - http://archive.li/lic1D
Comments are probably going to get shat up by onlookers (left and right) if you're look for funsies.

P.S. It's totally all her dad's fault.

Other leads:


https://twitter.com/LeahPleah (inactive since June 15 still using "Noah")

Tumblr of course

Instagram.... and Noah? Attempted tranny?

Dr. Kevin Albee

2205 S. 4th St.
Leavenworth, KS 66048
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Rabbit Bones

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Why do these exceptional individuals always post nudes

eta: lol maybe I'm reading the GFM incorrectly, but it sounds like Dr, Dad was housing tubby tits and three of her gal pals.
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I feel for this guy. To go through the military, get your doctorate, start a business, and raise a family. To try teaching your daughter the values of hard work, responsibility, and honest patriotism. To give her a job so she can learn self-reliance. But still providing a safe place to live past her childhood and all the comforts of home because she's your kid and you love her.

Just so she can spit on your military service, burn the flag you love, and tell everyone you're a toxic, imperialist abuser.

Semper Fidelis, Dr. Dad. You'll always be a hero to the farms.

The Colonel

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Her summary from her gofundme
Hey everyone!! My name's Leah Albee! (Some of you may know me as Noah or Leo)
I'm a radical nonbinary queer kiddo living in Lansing, Kansas with 3 other radical transqueer comrades. Unfortunately, I've fallen on some difficult circumstances recently. Due to some disagreements with my father over politics along with his abusive power complex and financial manipulation...I've been left without a job, phone access, health care, and car insurance and the four of us have been given until the 1st to get out.

We're desperately trying to move as quickly as possible to Kansas City. All of us are under financial constraints, as two of us were employed by my father, one of us just moved here from across the state, and the other just ended a semester of art school.

If you have anything to spare to help us get set up your generosity would be greatly greatly appreciated!

You all always have a home with us, thank you for sharing your hearts!
Kiiiiilllll meeeeee.

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