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BE 911


Leah Koerner, more commonly known as Leah Tverly, is what would happen if a scientist tried to genetically engineer a girl to embarrass feminists. Using a mixture of childish tantrums, sjw-type rhetoric and buzzwords, daddy issues, lack of personal hygiene and a fuckton of weed, Leah delivers us her opinions and life story in the form of incoherent yet hilarious rants. She does not hesitate to address any criticism or trolls passing by her channel, often getting viciously angry at them, and calls any woman that disagrees with her a handmaiden, a bitch, a tranny or a cunt. If you've ever wanted to enter the world of an awful synth player and singer, a high-as-a-kite sperg trashtalking women for wearing makeup, and a woman who freebleeds in response to a video, then this thread is for you!

They say that an image is worth a thousand words, so let's get straight to it and showcase the insanity of Leah with this hilarious starting point. In this video, Leah explains that if you are a man that likes women who shave, then you are a pedophile.

If you haven't died of laughter yet, your brain probably hurts because of the buzzwords Leah uses for no reason whatsoever, such as "HOP". In pure SJW fashion, Leah likes to make up her own mishmash of nonsensical words in order to try and sound intelligent. A HOP is a short-hand term for what she calls a "Handmaiden Of Patriarchy". Your brain probably hurts even more realizing what kind of person we are dealing with. These would be women that enjoy putting "Slave Paint" (Leah's buzzword for makeup), "Rape shoes" (Leah's buzzword for heels), and, in her own words, "being a prostitute to their husband and having their legs open all day".

And god does she hate them. Many videos of her channel are dedicated to shun them away, so much in fact that, again, in SJW fashion, she needs her own little safe space on instagram away from them, at the risk of throwing a child's tantrum at the mere sight of mascara.

Unfortunately for her, she really cannot escape those damn dirty HOPs and their mad HOP logic on her YouTube channel, and, instead of deleting every single one of their comments to oblivion, decides to try and reply to them. And when I say "reply", I mean more what a infantile teenager would do to try and dunk on other women for doing things she doesn't like. Embarrassing results are plenty, but here is our top 3.


dick receptacle.png

Despite these attempts at dunking on women for their appearance, her supporters (a miracle of science that has not been documented yet) seem to whiteknight her every time someone would even dare insulting such a stunning and brave woman for her looks. Leah seems to think that only the stupid insult other people's appearance. We'll take note here that Leah seems to be surprisingly self-aware of her intellect.

"Stop this instant!" I hear you scream. "Supporters??? But how could such an unhinged girl could even garner support?". Indeed, Leah seems to have garnered a small cult of followers with some time, and that support essentially comes from the subreddit /r/gendercritical (which she was banned from recently for saying the word "tranny". Oops!). Leah, on top of trying to badmouth the aforementioned women, seems to particularly dedicate an awful lot of her time obsessing over trannies, videos after videos, weeks after weeks. That fact alone does seem to be enough to excuse a lot of her insanity for her supporters, who consider her extremely stunning for such brave behavior. A GenderCritical queen, of sorts.
gc loves her.png


Oh, and when I say brave behavior, I mean freebleeding on video in response to a Contrapoints video. LOL!

The trans community, instead of being collectively triggered as one would expect, looked at her in complete confusion, if not laughed, shaked their head, cried, or vomited in the nearest trash bin. Kalvin Garrah, a trans man quite known in the Twitter sphere, was in fact so profoundly fascinated by our little baby cow that he decided to invite his friend Blaire White over to mock her ass, over a video she made about peeing on the seat of a toilet and the floor of a restroom, then blaming it on a trans woman afterwards. The video was removed, so I propose you instead to watch the version where Kalvin can barely breathe because of how hard he is laughing.

Leah would very quickly learn, as a comedian in the "trying to offend" category, that it is very much possible to become your very own punchline.
not a tranny tweet.png

dunked on.png

Needless to say, our girl Leah is not very fond of him anymore, and sent him quite a delightful series of messages that would perhaps send trigglypuff to shame.



Saving the best for last however, because one more intriguing point about Leah is her past. You might wonder how a girl like Leah ended up making angry videos and posting angry messages on the internet because of HOPs and "liberlols". It's actually very simple: she was doing the same thing 10 years ago. Here is the plot twist however: instead of spending her time insulting women putting makeup on and trannies, she was a full-blown SJW, going to the length of constantly insulting cis white males, defending trans people, and being the incarnation of a HOP and Liberlol she so much despises today.

Here is her past self insulting Aaron Sorkin, for being a garbage writer and for the inhuman crime of forgetting to put people of color and trannies in his works of fiction. Leah should honestly be happy. It seems her wishes of trans representation in media were granted, after all.
Aaron Sorkin.png

We'll finish this very brief introduction of our friend Leah, with a comparison that made me choke on my drink... pun not intended.
Here is Leah today, talking about "Second Hand Rape" and how pornography destroys men...

....And Leah a few years ago :story:
erotic choking.png


Leah is honestly an amazing lolcow. She has hours of ramblings on camera for the world to see, and doesn't seem to run out of insane things to say. Every single one of her videos has legendary quotes that would probably make a lot of cows on this site pale in comparison. We also barely had time to approach a lot of Leah's quirks, such as playing the synth randomly and atrociously, smoking weed and drinking on camera, her other nonsensical opinions like being against giving birth in a hospital, and so on and so forth. Thankfully, we have a thread to share all of these videos, which are pure gems. Hopefully, you find the same amount of laughs I had when watching these at first, because this OP doesn't even come remotely close to covering the sheer amount of cackles this girl made me go through. God bless this cow.


Full name: Leah Lorraine Koerner
Address: 5117 SE 30th Ave apt. 147 Portland Oregon
Date of birth: February 20, 1990
Birth Location: Madison, WI
Parents: Mark and Amy Koerner

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCNdr61tRUO2UVciM5gbxfQ/videos (archive)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chained2phone (archive)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/knitpianocamera/?hl=en
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.at/leahtverly/ (archive)
Phoneaddictionisreal blogspot: https://phoneaddictionisreal.blogspot.com/ (archive)

past links:
sleevetwister twitter: https://twitter.com/sleevetwister (archive)
edgeofthewoods youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB8ktKtOUYmNVeaTUHC2QlA (archive)
findyourflower tumblr (defunct - archives provided): https://web.archive.org/web/20111031062259/http://findyourflower.tumblr.com/

I would like to thank @The Ghost of ODB and @pyrrhic for helping me with the creation of the OP and making sure the information on her is complete. Without them, this thread wouldn't be as detailed as it is. Semper fi to both of them :semperfidelis:
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It's not rape, but it's rooted in rape...[it's a] direct result of pornography. this is why men are second-hand raping women on the daily
If you didn't want me to name you, you shouldn't have second-hand raped me smiles widely and plays cheery music

So this free bleeder (let me piss on the floor ) troon seeker thinks men watching porn and acting it out with another consenting adult (INCLUDING HERSELF) is an equivalent to rape???

This is a quality loon. Good find @Big Bad Brat

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Jul 17, 2016
I would say cover her connection to Youtuber Nuclear Night/Terrie Strange but I think she has been only mentioned in threads and doesn't have one of her own. Are her and Leah still dating?
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BE 911

I would say cover her connection to Youtuber Nuclear Night/Terrie Strange but I think she has been only mentioned in threads and doesn't have one of her own. Are her and Leah still dating?
She does mention Terri quite a lot in her videos. Unsure if they're still dating. I would have mentioned a lot more things but honestly the length of an OP isn't quite long enough to cover everything. Everything on her channel is sheer insanity and I wouldn't be surprised if you found gems looking at people she discusses often with!


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So, what do you think made her change so drastically?

BE 911

So, what do you think made her change so drastically?
Oh, she actually has not changed at all in my opinion. She is just your average SJW, that changes her camp quite often to take the most oppressed position every time. The only thing that changed is modifying "evil cis white male" with "bitch looking hop" or "rapist TIM". All the virtue signalling, getting angry at people for doing things she dislikes, incoherent opinions that make no sense and spending her time screeching on the internet like a harpy while trying to look smug? It's all the same, really. People easily enrolled into extremist opinions tend to change their camp quite often, and often do radical 180s, just because they think they found their new messiah or whatever.


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Jun 6, 2018
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Today I learned people don't need "science" or "doctors".

Along with talking about the patriarchy, I expect a Fat Acceptance movement crossover at any moment.

Also, I love the argument that women choose to do something dangerous [childbirth], therefore we should make no attempts to make it safer for them. Even though childbirth is kinda important to society. At least, that's what the movie "Children of Men" taught me.

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