Dramacow Leah Koerner / Leah Tverly / knitpianocamera / chained2phone / sleevetwister - Mad at HOPs, makeup, trannies and personal hygiene.


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Radical Feminism is supposed to be about liberating women from societal coercion and control. When all she knows how to do is bully and shame women for 'womaning wrong', she's not helping to liberate anything. She's just a Serena Joy scribbling 'no thots' in the margins of the patriarchy's agenda. This girl might have picked up a radfem talking point here and there, but her behaviour and attitude is 100% basic libfem.
“Libfems kicked me out because I’m really mad about trannies, but I DID read an article on coercive femininity, so can I join radical feminism? p.s. I call women cunts and bitches, hope this isn’t a problem.”


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Sounds like someone was REALLY insecure around all the pretty, popular girls in high school, and this is her way of "sticking it" to them and any woman like them; by deluding herself into believing she's better than them somehow with all this try-hard bullshit.

Christ, 29 years old and still acting like an edgelord femcel teenager. She wasn't smacked enough as a child.

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tried to genetically engineer a girl to embarrass feminists.
Every woman is engineered to embarrass feminists.

"Rape shoes" (Leah's buzzword for heels),
tbh whenever I see someone wearing heels then I usually rape them.

The trans community, instead of being collectively triggered as one would expect, looked at her in complete confusion, if not laughed, shaked their head, cried, or vomited in the nearest trash bin. Kalvin Garrah, a trans man quite known in the Twitter sphere, was in fact so profoundly fascinated by our little baby cow that he decided to invite his friend Blaire White over to mock her ass, over a video she made about peeing on the seat of a toilet and the floor of a restroom, then blaming it on a trans woman afterwards. The video was removed, so I propose you instead to watch the version where Kalvin can barely breathe because of how hard he is laughing.
I'm glad that the transgender community can finally have their own personal lolcow. Every community deserves their own lolcow.
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There seems to be a bit of a link between Leah Tverly's abrupt foray into uploading videos, and a Youtuber by the name of Magdalen Berns. Magdalen Berns is a physicist and was generally well-regarded in gender critical circles while she was active. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma (one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer); due to this, she stopped uploading videos around 10 months ago:

Our "Serena Joy", Leah, started uploading her videos around the same time:


Honestly? It wouldn't surprise me that Leah decided to cash in on the lack of "GC Queen" and decided to start making videos just to fill the void and gain an easy following this way. That's pretty low, Leah.

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There was a lot of fixation on her not shaving her body, so I went ahead and re-watched a bit of her stuff to try and show to you guys why she so adamantly refuses to shave. We're in for 2 hilarious videos she made in short succession to explain that.

So first, as commented very early in the thread. She does not want to shave her armpits. Is it because she likes it? Is it a way to rebel against the patriarchy or whatever? Is it because she wants a natural way to make sure men do not rape her? No no no, it's not that. It's because she thinks that shaving armpits give people breast cancer. That's not how cancer works, my girl :story:

Original title: Shaving Your Armpits Causes Breast Cancer -- IDK Cry About It? (Original Link)

Let's go onto the hairy legs. That video is quite a bit longer, and I would like to remind all of you that a longer Leah video means that there is a trove of completely insane and legendary quotes within the video. So here is the video, with a detailed list of completely insane stuff she says in there, in case you would want to know what you're in first, before spending 30 minutes of your life in this.

Original title: Muh Choicey Choice -- Shaving, Slave Paint (Original Link)

1. She believes that feminization and shaving your legs and putting makeup on is a traumatic event and that it causes PTSD. Again, that is not how PTSD works, Leah.
2. She complains about the fact that girls mock other girls when they don't shave or not putting makeup, and that it annoys her, but will insult and mock women that do put makeup straight in the comment of the same video. Jesus christ.
dumb bitch.png

3. She still calls heels "rape shoes". That always makes me laugh way harder than it should lol
4. You'll observe Leah's quirk of randomly playing the synth for no reason whatsoever, and horribly. It's completely random and it's funny for some reason.
5. She says that getting married is not an accomplishement in itself. While I tend to agree, for someone like Leah, who admitted to having a 100 questions survey for anyone that wants to date her (she says that in the Second Hand Rape video) and that she would reject anyone failing to answer accordingly? That would be a world record, my darling.
6. In short she started feeling ashamed of being hairier than other girls so she started shaving to try and in her own words be like the other girls, and felt intense relief while doing so, but then started thinking she didn't need to do it all the time and felt good about not shaving, which is a fine point.
7. She then goes back to making stupid points, such as "shaving is bad for our mother earth because razors need to be made and THAT'S BAD".
8. She makes the point that shaving is self-harm, but 10 seconds later talks about how she gets tattoos and that it hurts a lot. She LITERALLY admits to being hypocritical and stupid here within the span of 10 seconds. You deserve an award.

And last but not least, I am saving this for last because it actually made me cry of laughter. Her last point in the video, at the very end, is detailing why her channel name is "Leah Tverly". One would think that it's an artistic handle, or a reference to something, but you would be wrong. It's actually a temporary name change. She literally calls her birth name a "colonizer name" just because she got it from her dad, and decided to change her name to a "real woman name" and encouraged her viewers to do so.

I would like to remind all of you that this girl goes online, spergs about trannies constantly on her channel and doesn't hesitate to use their birth name with a smug look and saying that they're delusional, while literally doing something that is even more out there, and will probably get very offended in the future if anyone would refer to her with her birth name. In short, we SOMEHOW would be deadnaming a self-acclaimed terf. I literally have no words. This level of lack of self-awareness is olympic :story:

Let this be a good lesson for you all that all her videos hide gems like this, and that this is why Leah is an amazing cow. I invite you to do this and have the time of your life. Have fun!
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Look, I'm cool with not wearing makeup. And although I think unshaven armpits are unattractive, its your body and your right to make that decision.
But can you please wash your fucking hair? Seriously, what is it with these chicks and having filthy unwashed hair? Is Pantene an agent of the patriarchy?


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When I'd seen her around the place online, I just assumed her schtick was anti-anti-sjw.
You know, beyond the curve *Wokeness.*
Now I'm really confused.

Christ, 29 years old
She looks like Gail Chord Schuler sometimes. Gail's got a hot body for someone probably 30 years older than her.
She needs whatever meds Gail's on and a gallon of slave paint.