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"lol" and pretend you've grown up all you want. You go through this development at five stages during your life:
  • 0-2: personality traits
  • 2-6: separation of self from the world, autonomy, initiative
  • 7-11: empathy
  • 12-19: sexuality, search for identity
  • 45-65: mid-life crisis
If you want to disagree, she was either
  • an 18 year old going through a mid-life crisis
  • an 18 year old going through sixth grade appropriate empathy development
  • an 18 year old who was acting out to express her search for an identity and continued to do it for five years after it was appropriate
Sure, she was a totally normal person and not immature and poorly balanced. We know that because she broke up with a guy who spent all day drowning his debt worries with can't-afford-it Tanqueray.


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can't-afford-it Tanqueray.
Phil's the kind of nibba that gets bottom shelf gin and pours it I to Tanqueray jugs to make it seem like he's having decent-ish gin.

Which is kind of a metaphor for leanna's time with Phil. She had to pretend pour positive relationship juju into her empty relationship jug (that had a hole in the bottom) until she actually opened her eyes and nope'd the fuck out of there.