Learning to Cook - Stove top and oven


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Just gonna give you a good recipe that was handed down from my family:

How to make good Asparagus by Kuri:

1. DO NOT STEAM ASPARAGUS! Seriously, they smell and taste like shit if they're steamed, so don't.

2. Take 1 tbsp of olive oil, some garlic (can be any kind, just make sure it's edible and not rotten. If it's fresh, mince it.), salt, and pepper.

3. Add ingredients to 1-2 bunches of chopped asparagus in a large heated frying pan. Do not crank it to High. Medium-high to medium at most. Cook till they're vibrant green and somewhat soft. If they have a mealy center, keep cooking. If they're too mushy, start over. if you used fresh garlic, keep an eye on that as well, and don't let it burn. Cover the mixture occasionally to help evenly cook the asparagus. It's okay if there's liquid in the pan, that's from the asparagus.

4. Once all of the asparagus is cooked to your preference, plate it up with whatever the rest of your meal is (or just have it on its own) and enjoy.