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Thread title. Thanksgiving is coming up (at least the one that matters, fuck off canucks) and with it comes a deluge of my least favorite flesh, turkey. To me it's like a miserable and dry interpretation of ham and I can't stand it no matter how it's presented or prepared. I recognize that that's just my opinion man but with that said I'm wondering what are the least favorite meats of the resident bloodmouths here.

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Beef shin, I get that it's supposed to be a strongly-flavoured cut, but whenever I include it in a stew I just wish I used brisket. It always seems to taste dry when I slow cook it too, I think because it's not fibrous so doesn't break apart like other cuts.

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I'm not a fan of processed fish or whatever you call breaded fish patties that come in a box. Also just not a big fan of salmon in general, I don't like the flaky texture and it does have the tendency to come out dry as well. Also doesn't really taste all that great, I don't get the hype.


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I don't like veal. I don't like its texture and it's nearly flavorless. I'm glad I don't like it so I don't have to wrestle with any ethical issues about it.

Also, venison can be utterly terrible if it's extremely gamy, but can be excellent if the deer hasn't been eating bark and roots and shit, but instead eating corn. Farmers who shoot deer on their farms get the best of this.


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I find pork to be really bland and tasteless for some reason. Which is weird, because I generally prefer very fatty cuts of steak. Then again I also like my steaks really bloody.

On the fish side, I find that salmon and tuna taste nearly identical if you just fry either of them up. Supposedly smoked salmon is the superior way to cook it, but I haven't gotten around to trying that.

Not sure if crustaceans count as meat in this scenario but crab is far superior to lobster. And usually cheaper too, depending on where you live.


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For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone would pay big bucks for the delicacy of something rightly considered so bland that it was slave food.

Oh sure, once you cover it with liquid butter and ten tons of spices it can become tasty, but at that point, just about anything would.

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Most pork, and Venison. If you don't remove all the fat from venison, it's just rancid. I know someone who hunts, and they just grind some of the meat fat and all together. I understand that you have to get all the fat off, then add beef fat if you want to grind it.
It's just disgusting, imo.
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I hate goat, lamb and venison and won't eat it anymore. I've had bison steak and that's just inferior to an ordinary steak.

I'll eat crab and lobster, but I'm too lazy to get it out of the shell myself.

I love ham, beef and shrimp. Chicken, tuna, and turkey are pretty good (fuck turkey bacon though), and I haven't met a kind of fish I dislike (though swordfish was surprisingly bland.)