Least favorite meat? - Some things do die in vain

Everyone in this thread really fucking hate Turkey and Lamb. I feel personally attacked, as they are by far my favorite meats to eat.

Can't say there's been a meat I don't like. I mean, I have difficulty eating organs (especially Liver) and fish but I think thats more to do with less exposure to it. I'm sure if I suck it up for awhile I'd grow to like it.

I don't care for steaks as much as everyone else does. Doesn't matter the cut or grade. It's ok, but it's not the end all be all like some people say it is. I guess its partly because steaks are usually cooked with bland spices so as to accentuate the natural flavors. I love chicken because its just the opposite. The best steak I've ever eaten is easily Country-Fried.
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Hmmm, that's hard for me to say. I like a good steak, seafood's not bad either, despite the fact that I don't regularly eat those things, same goes with bacon, they're all good.

I'd have to say turkey as well, I'm not counting halal meats because I don't live in the fucking desert. As a wise man once said, "Turkey is just a delivery system for gravy", so it's got that going for it, at least. It's not bad by any means, it's just the least good.

I've only had lamb once. I don't remember explicit disliking it, In fact I think it was pretty good, but it's just not something I eat often enough to make a solid judgement. Shrimp is my favorite, I love shrimp.
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The only pork I eat is ham, bacon, and Canadian bacon. I find the rest of it too greasy. Have never eaten veal, lamb, or goat, and doubt I ever will. I eat beef, chicken, turkey, some fish, and shrimp.
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I can’t stand turkey but I still make one on Thanksgiving and people rave about it since I use Alton Brown’s recipes. I enjoy the dark meat but I won’t touch the breast meat.
I’ve never liked bacon or ham, but I like most other pork cuts.
Bison is awesome if it’s cooked correctly but like other wild game, one misstep and the meat is fucked.
Tried rattlesnake once. It had a weird soft texture that I didn’t like.
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Apparently a lot of people hate turkey in this thread. I personally love turkey, especially if it's in whole or deli meat form. Ground turkey is absolute garbage tho
My most hated meat is probably pork chops. imo it's too tough and doesn't have a very good flavor, nor is it a good flavor absorber like, say, chicken. This goes for almost all forms of pork barring traditional and canadian bacon (and even then, they're a tad too greasy).

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Mainly steak. Too much to chew and the meat is overbearing. (Maybe it's how certain people cook it?) Any steak connoisseurs here?

Turkey and ham also. Turkey has an acquired taste; it would be gamey and bitter to say. Ham is too salty for me. Sausage sometimes.

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Given it can be nice if treated properly, especially with things like prosciutto or chorizo, but I'd say its the least salvageable of the meats if you get a bad cut
Even a fatty cut of lamb can do well in a rich curry or stew, chicken can be slow boiled in herbs and served with cream
Nothing rescues a bad joint of pork, highly annoying because a good one can be incredible in affelia or marinaded and grilled


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Pork, lamb, chicken (unless dried and lemon peppered) and snake (croc/gator is better)