Lolcow Lee Goldson / Barneyfag / x86x2 / Revved - Barney Hatewatching Gigantic Autist & Aspiring 4chan Janitor

Echs Why Zed

R. Kelly Dindu Nuffin
I wonder if Lee is now cowering in a closet, having realized the entire world is Barneyshit, and randomly screaming as he throws object after object out of the closet, realizing it, too, is Barneyshit.
He's gonna have to clean his room after throwing out all those objects and -- Oh, wait...

Speaking of cleaning up, I think I found Barneyfag's worst nightmare:

Barneyfag's worst nightmare.png


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
No one who wastes as much time as Barneyfag does on whatever-chan they lurk/whine about sweet nothings on seems capable of getting head that easily to begin with, TBH.

BTW, @x86x2, remember to hug Barney everyday - it's good for you. You just don't know how much, honestly.

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