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Just saw him on /x/ on an iceberg thread. He was calling out a guy for posting a griffin-one of Trump's Chosen People meme. How the fuck did he manage to recognize it is beyond me...

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Can't wait for /x/ to call him a demon now. Wonder how he'd take it.

Though it does amaze me that he'd still be at this shit when they should have IP banned his ass a long time ago.

Are you telling me that the fucker really goes around 4chan, reverse searching random images just to check if they are MLP related?
...acutally I wouldn't put it past him to be doing such a thing.
You are giving Goldson far more credit than he deserves. The guy no doubt religiously watches the episodes so he can stay on the cutting edge of what's in the know. He's able to recognize cropped images from derpibooru that have any pony related content removed. He's able to recognize fanart that hasn't been posted on derpibooru and at surface level do not resemble anything to do with MLP. Lee likely knows more about MLP and the fandom than probably about 99% of the people actually into it.

When in doubt, assume it's him unless otherwise confirmed. And if it isn't him, then it's either a troll, or some other asshurt clown that hates MLP and is merely taking Barneyfag's example.
I'm starting to think a lot of anons have just adopted his mannerism since it's a meme there too, and do the same when seeing MLP and he doesn't even need to totally do it himself anymore.


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Here's a hilarious and Islamic as fuck anecdote.

Some anon on /v/ wanted to know the source for some pony porn, so he just posted a cropped version of it in a thread and Barneyfag unwittingly provided the source "Die You Goddamn Barneyfag (that's actually *insert here*. *posts link*)"
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