Leftist Memes - Or lack thereof...

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It's amusing how much these people despise policemen, as if they literally join the force because they want to shoot guns at people and not that they want to protect the community they serve for.

Also, I like the term "class traitor" because it blatantly reveals two things. The first is that the person saying it is so vapid that they believe blue collar workers and servicemen thrive in lawless conditions. The second is that this same person probably comes from a more economically privileged background and thus doesn't even have a place to speak, since people who compose lower-middle class don't see themselves as owing loyalty to people with the same economic background.
I believe that the origin of "class traitor" is mistranslation of "classovij vrag" or "class enemy" which technically means that policemen are class of their own, a class that's an enemy, which is not that far from truth. You get special privileges which don't apply to peons, including special provisions in gun laws etc. In bigger libtard cities, with overtime, cops can make 100, 200 even 300k/year, no joke.

other "class enemies" are clergy, bourgeoisie ... you people need to get your fucking communism on straight. I've never imagine that I'd be teaching this shit to American kids.



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This is totally how that works:
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That's like a "dad joke"-tier pun
I wouldn't even call it "dad joke tier," because you have to reread it a few times to understand it. I understand not saying "mein fewer" instead of "the fewer" for the purpose of the joke, but "fewer" barely sounds like "führer" to begin with, unless there's some accented way of saying it that I'm not aware of (like "bull" and "bowl" sounding identical in some English accents).


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This is totally how that works:
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It's how it works in their own heads. If you ask for evidence of this happening they either throw some easy to debunk lies at you or start screeching. The person who made this propaganda comic does seem to think that emigrating to another country is just a case of filling out a couple of forms though so maybe them thinking this is expected. The child seems to not mention any of his family having employment in the country or being accepted as dependents/a spouse or any other legal reason to be there so I'm gonna go ahead and question this kid's legal right to enter the country.
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I know man, shit sucks. One day i went to the grocery store and they wouldnt let me buy anything because i forgot my MAGA of the Beast. Oh wait whats that? They only know the seven deadly sins (not in the bible, they came from a greek monk) and the mark of the beast?

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Speaking of that: