Leftist Memes - Or lack thereof...

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Bernie turns into Larry David? Is this some lefty meme that I just don't get or are they tackling the JQ here? hahah

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This lady's twitter is nothing but pimping her kids for clicks making them make her food and retweets of her soyboy husbands endless conspicuous consumption. AWFLs are the worst people on earth this makes me sick.View attachment 1130107View attachment 1130108
Point 1: Silly coastal, not realizing that blue collar Western Canada has more in common with Jesusland than the United States of Europe, er Canada.

Point 2: Notice that the guy isn't actually reading the books, he's just basking in the satisfaction of owning them.


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So I don't want to try to explain exactly what happened but there was some fuckery with the Iowa caucus outcome which seemed to favor Buttigieg. So now Bernie people are taking out all the pent up hate they had against Hillary out on Pete. That's not to say he doesn't deserve it cause clearly he does. I dunno someone else could probably explain better.
Didn't he have ties with the apps team "Shadow" (talk about ominous transparency)

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Didn't he have ties with the apps team "Shadow" (talk about ominous transparency)
Yeah I heard something about that seems like there is a lot going on there and I haven't quite read into it all which is why I was a little hesitant to talk about it.
Edit: You gotta watch this CNN just did a segment on "internet harasser" Sanders supporters calling Petey a rat
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Good lord. It just never gets any better. No matter how hard they try to rebrand the voice behind the meme, no matter how dank and edgy they claim they are now, nothing at all is different. They still have to censor themselves over the word cuck for crying out loud. I bet none of these dudes (because its reddit, even 4chan now is less of a sausage fest, that includes trannies on both sites).

These people will never be considered the countercultural rebels. Truth is they never really were. They were safe in their ability to mock the former christian white majority of the west because they really had to do something offensive to be excommunicated from their own race. While certain lefties back then were brave enough to criticize everyone equally, most never dared insult the rising civil rights and gay movements, their comrades in revolution.

Their tactics and rhetoric havent changed at all in decades, long before the internet. These memes are just the recent mutation of "street smart and world conscious" visual art that used to hang in pretentious inner city art galleries. Same message, same haughtiness and elitism. The only reason this is becoming boring and no longer SHOCK GASP WHAAAT is because the stuffy repressed white majority is no longer a majority. They just look silly ranting about the same things that are apparently everywhere when they just arent anymore.

Fuck calling them sore losers. They're sore winners. Now that they are the new face of what's common, they cant be cool anymore. Now they are the boring over-represented stuffy busybodies. Sheesh. No wonder they hate themselves.