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I'm always amused by this stuff because if everyone played the "respect authority" game we'd still as a society believe that blacks people are hairless apes and that woman are completely useless for any intellectual task more complicated then making a sandwich.
And they cherry pick the opinions in their favour. Either all medical professionals' opinions are valid, meaning Blanchard is right about them and trooning out doesn't always "cure" gender dysphoria, or none of them.
Just as they cherry pick their beloved "life experiences" as well.

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Mediterraneans are in the same "Schrodinger's whiteys" category as Trump's Chosen People and the Chinese/Korean/Japanese-Americans. They can be either (honorary in the case of the latter) crackaz or pee-oh-sees depending on the political affiliation, ethnicity, and general interests and agendas of the other party.
In apartheid South Africa, Chinese were legally black and Japanese were legally white... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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No its the doctors who are wrong

There fixed it and made it readable. You don't need to include every medical group to beat it over someones head that you are right and smart.

But then how will you know that I'm ever so right, smart, and your intellectual better in all things?