Leftist Memes - Or lack thereof...


a friend of mine took a wrong turn in a leftist meme and no one has seen him since.

EDIT: he still has not come out but I got a radio message saying a nice guy named will navidson gave him some supplies. he says he thought he saw something resembling a punchline somewhere in the essay on the history of the civil rights movement. should I tell him to check it out or is it just the leftist meme using post capitalist cottegecore meta queer theory to demonstrate the failings of modern society and its unjust gaslighting that it uses to prop up unjust hierarchy?
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Doctor Placebo

Franco did nothing wrong.
Found with a google image search for "gun boomer meme" that was an attempt to find something else entirely:

I know left wing memes usually explain too much, but this one is incredibly vague. Maybe if it were funny instead of extremely self righteous it would be tolerable.


Ackchyually, if people are living longer, that will mean more healthcare costs in the long term because older people soak up the vast majority of healthcare. When Social Security was first introduced, the government didn't expect it to cost nearly as much as our aging population does now. I also don't see how "less stress, more time for education" is Basic Income paying for itself.

As we've seen with current attempts to push the entire population through college, more education doesn't always equal better, more useful, or more profitable education. Sometimes the more universal education gets, the shittier it gets. I won't even mention how this will effect taxes and the labor supply, because that will depend a lot on how this is implemented, but rest assured it will impact them a lot, and there's a lot of ways it could backfire horrendously.

But most importantly, why the fuck do you have a picture a dirty little girl with a piece of bread that's probably from a production of Les Miserables? Are children going to receive UBI too? Oh, it's just a cheap emotional manipulation tactic? Okay then.
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