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Keynesian economics is actually the one that prescribes destroying shit to advance the economy.
Broken window economies are despised by Free Market types, who believe it to be unproductive. The idea of digging a hole just so somebody else can fill it is a very interventionist idea and it's not worth "creating jobs" if said jobs are ultimately pointless.
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All I remembered was it was Occupy Democrats, but I went back to the beginning of the thread and lo and behold it was on the first few pages:
>all the communist and socialist dictators kills are "unverifiable" and "heavily disputed"

you cant be more idiotic than this

Pol Pot killed everyone in Cambodia that knew how to read & write
Stalin, their idol killed his own people & commited genocide upon many races like the Tatars
Mao Zedong's great leap forward caused a fucking famine
Not even gonna speak about Kim-Il-Sung

Yet, these numbers are "heavily disputed" and "unverifiable" like they are fucking nothing, lol

& Trump 100 to 250 million? Projected by muslims worldwide? What are you CNN predicting the 2016 election chances?