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“The Media” is about the major news sources, not a few conservative websites bringing it up while the Alphabet Networks are mum.
Then there's the other side of the coin. The shit the major outlets cover the fuck out of when it should never have been national or international news.

Prime example: the Covington Catholic High School incident at that rally. Even disregarding that they got the story completely fucking wrong, the major networks were lavishing 24/7 front page coverage with constant updates on an incident that involved a couple of people getting in each others' faces and yelling at a rally, where nobody got hurt. Yeah, they were definitely reacting proportionately for that story. Or they were masturbating furiously over finding the perfect symbolic anti-Trump image, facts of the situation be damned.

And then there was Jussie Smollett, and Bubba Wallace, and...


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apologies if this has already been posted but i think this classic basically sums up the difference

nobody wants to read someone's manifesto, they want something snappy and funny. Not to mention that the kind of person that likes and shares memes will not be the same kind of person that has hardline lefty beliefs. Most "popular" memes are inherently countercultural, because no edgy teen is going to want to save or share one that regurgitates the same beliefs their public school is already shoving down their throats.

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Dear christ. If these people really think like this, something tells me it's not actually "capitalism" crushing their kids' dreams.
I thought the dad said he was going to make his explanation simple? Here kid, I will make it simple since your dad has been brainwashed by retards: You want to be an astronaut? Go to school, work hard, get good grades. When you graduate high school and turn 18 then join the Air Force or the Navy. Serve with honor and distinction and have the military pay for college so you can become an officer. Take science and engineering classes in college. When you graduate and get your officers commission then go to flight school and become a pilot. Continue to serve your country with honor and distinction, and while you're having a blast as a pilot start looking into joining NASA or one of the new private space agencies that are starting to crop up. It will be hard work and you will need to dedicate yourself to being the best, because it's a competitive field, but it can be done. There's no guarantees in life, so you still may not become an astronaut, but at least you'll have a career and an education, and you'll be able to proudly hold your head up high and say you gave it your best. I know it may not be as "simple" as you had hoped, but at least I've laid out a path for you to actually go for your dreams instead of just feeding you a bunch of victimized, defeatist garbledygook like your idiot father who just wants to blame others instead of working hard to accomplish what you want.

Eh, I'm sure some people on the Right are afraid of Antardfa, but I think most see them as a pathetic joke and an annoying inconvenience.

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They wrote a paragraph that basically says "your beliefs bad, mine good". Also, many of their points such as "based in emotion" and "worldview through peer pressure and cult-like indoctrination" can be applied to online lefties as well.
Most of the points "Le Based&So Logic Lefty" brings up apply to the current woketard rioting crowd as well.
Besides, this would be a lot more honest as
-k lol komrade I said debate, not wokie brow-beat. I'm outta here."

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Somebody asked for brains?
They will never learn:
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https://www.reddit.com/r/antifastonetoss/comments/igo0kk/original_comic_leftist_meme/ (Archive)

They wrote a paragraph that basically says "your beliefs bad, mine good". Also, many of their points such as "based in emotion" and "worldview through peer pressure and cult-like indoctrination" can be applied to online lefties as well.
In this day and age you're about a billion times more likely to be bombarded with media messages and peer pressure encouraging you to become a tranny anarchist rioter with a fetish for everyone with a darker skin color than your own than you are to ever be pressured to become a Nazi.