Leftist Memes - Or lack thereof...

Tootsie Bear

First of all, I find it hilarious that they portrayed the rioters as glowies by accident.
Secondly. it's twice as hilarious that they're acting like all those corporations are on their opponents' side, when they'd all been speaking out about how they support BLM, making donations, etc.
Hell, they don't care if you're on their side or not. They'll stab you in the back and make it look like you were the provocateur and they were victims.


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The thing about good memes is they're quick, to the point, humorous and memorable.

Leftist memes tend to be long-winded, mean-spirited and often unnecessarily vulgar textwalls without any attempt at humor.
Why is Piglet such a semantics-loving asshole? This is the second meme I've seen where he just won't tell Pooh what the fucking day is.


Buy dat hell

Boris Blank's glass eye

Ring the bell, Roll down the street
Political cartoons somehow continue to astound me. They're even worse than the low effort memes at this point, because these people had to actually draw out a comic and color it to make their freezingly cold take.
Furthermore, xXx_ChapoFanTran69420_xXx might not even have a reach outside his plebbit/mastodon/whatever's that shitty chat so popular with the kids these days echo chamber, but these fucknuggets are often nationally published cartoonists. To me, that's the worst part.