I just want a live weigh-in ffs.

The comments on this video took a 360..
I guess everything in the past is behind us..
I seriously doubt this will yield anything but there is a small bit of me that actually wants to see her succeed. This is likely another cycle and we are in Phase 1: Redemption. She is just doing this to herd in new subscribers. We are likely to expect a Wommart vlog in the next few days.


Wipes are the worst thing you can use on your face for taking off make up or cleansing in general, it is so lazy. She could use a hot cloth cleanser and she would probably stop getting styes and zits.
At least this is a step-up from not taking her makeup off at all. Then again, this may be the one time in a blue moon that she does it, so she decides to film it.

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