Driest of gorls
Yeah, i'm not buying that she is only eating plain chicken, green beans, and brown rice for the whole day. She's doing just enough to convince her subscribers that she's working hard.
if she was eating what she says she is then she would be weighing in every single day because she would be super excited about all the weight she's dropping so quick. I have no idea how ANYBODY can be convinced of this shit, much less people who have seen her do the same shit over and over.


All the asspatters in the comments who really believe shes "trying" is more annoying than her actual content, she's playing you, you fools
I like how some of those comments fully acknowledge that she's made changes because of her loss in subs, then proceed to praise her anyway. Yay for Amberlynn, she's finally changed! What, for herself? Goodness no! She lost subs, so certainly by this time next week she will still be eating canned green beans and doing layyg-ups, right?

It would be easy for her to bullshit this stuff for the camera indefinitely, but it won't last. It never does.


Zap to the extreme comrades!
Jfc her youtube comment section is a bunch of fools. They should be demanding a weigh in as it's been a week now with her so called changes. She could easily have dropped 20+ lbs in a week, eating like a normal human. I usually add about 10 lbs to whatever she says unless there is a live weigh in, but I'm starting to agree that she is very close to or at 600 lbs. Most of us know when she isn't giving updates on her weight shes gaining.

I wonder how much longer this facade is going to please these asspatters before they start asking for a weigh in and questioning why she continues to look bigger.


Driest of gorls
It's sad that Sumo wrestlers have better muscle tone than Hamber. That's fucking insane.
Sumo wrestlers have been training since their early teens usually everyday, they probably should have better muscle tone than a blob who uses pink hand weights for the sole purpose of eye fucking herself while she "exercises"

All of this sumo talk just gave me a hilarious mental image. Imagine Al somehow being able to get on a plane and going to Japan, the absolute spectacle she'd be in a country that's not used to obesity. Then imagine her going to the sumo stores to get some adorable Japanese clothing, and being told that she can't even fit in it.

Whale Lake 2

Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet
"I don't have a lot of stuff... like if I had my own house it would be SO bare"
I kind of get what she means, with it.

She wants photos of her family to hang on the walls, but since she has no family, she can't hang anything. She wants heirlooms, but who would've trusted her with them? And besides, her junkie parents probably sold them all already. She wants nice pieces of furniture, but she keeps wasting money at Wommart.

Yeah, her house would be bare, in the sense that, once you've recognized that everything that fills it is nothing but meaningless clutter, you realize that it doesn't say anything about the person who lives there. It's just cheap crap.


I am your Fairy Wish Prince, at your service
Maybe its because I am a cringy hippie environmentalist fucktard but watching her use that many makeup wipes disgusts me. It's like the only thing she is good at, besides being a waste of functioning organs, is producing trash. One towelette is more than enough to remove her makeup, even with her huge moon face. Also its cheaper and less wasteful to buy one of those microfiber makeup removal cloths and use micellar cleaning water. That way you aren't producing so much trash and you can recycle the fucking bottle when you are done.

Edit because of English.

I know that she isn't that forward thinking but FUCK IT MY VOICE SHALL BE HEARD
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I don't think we've seen a thumbs up/down ratio this positive for over a year. It's like we've completed some kind of big AL Mayan cycle and we're back at day 1, the past has been erased and the ambabies have no idea what's coming.

I think Amber's narc brain views the "weight loss journey" as a tool to garner attention, not something to be ever considered seriously or literally. Gorl you won't even be able to deploy your attention-seeking tactics if you're dead. Her maintenace calories are very high, it would be a walk in the park to drop 100 lbs. She can't even walk 2 minutes, that's so bad.

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