Legal immigrant from Togo attacked for wearing MAGA hat - That Uncle Tom needs to learn his place! >:(

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A legal citizen from Togo was reportedly attacked in Maryland for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat on Saturday, as police have taken two suspects into custody.

The man, who lives in Germantown, MD, was reportedly attacked in his neighborhood by two men because he was wearing the hat, in support of President Donald Trump. He was reportedly hit in the head and upper body, as the two suspects tried to steal his hat from him, according to ABC7.

The Montgomery County Police Department says the victim, “who was wearing a red, Make America Great Again hat, was approached by two men who began harassing the victim and asking why he was wearing the MAGA hat. The victim told the suspects that he was entitled to his own views and kept walking away from the suspects. The suspects began striking the victim and telling him to take the hat off. The victim continued to be struck by the suspects until he fell to the ground. The suspects then removed property from the victim, and destroyed items of value. The suspects then fled the scene,” in a Monday press release.

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Kevin Lewis


NEW: This Germantown, Md. man tells @ABC7News he was attacked Saturday in his neighborhood by two men all because he was wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat.

The men punched the Trump supporter (a legal immigrant from Togo) in the head + upper body and tried to steal his


2:47 PM - Apr 15, 2019

Police reportedly arrested two men in connection with the crime. Jovan Crawford, 27 of Gaithersburg, MD, and Scott Roberson, 25 of Washington, D.C.

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Kevin Lewis

Replying to @ABC7Kevin

have arrested 27yo Jovan Crawford of Gaithersburg, Md. and 25yo Scott Roberson of NW DC for the politically motivated assault. They each face 10+ years in prison.

The victim says he forgives his attackers, but hopes they become more tolerant of opposing viewpoints.


2:56 PM - Apr 15, 2019

The men are reportedly facing 10 or more years in prison.
What's with that spaced out look these kinds of criminals all seem to have? Like do they always get picked up right after smoking a lid of dirtweed?

The area that this happened in is among the top 10 most diverse cities in america--nowhere is safe from libtard rage.
Fun story. Gaithersburg, Silver Spring and Germantown were ground zero for the liberal apocalypse in the Washington DC area. They are very close to the Limousine Liberal region of Chevy Chase, and the African Containment zone of Prince George. Before the vibrant diversification they were the home of the working middle class white populations that were either low level federal workers or were involved in some way with the banking, light industry and service sectors in those areas. There was a push to "diversify" the component region of the DC metro across the river in Virginia, but the the State constitution (Virginia is a Commonwealth, not a Republic) worked against them. They could diversify the independent cities of Manassas and Alexandria (sort of) but they could not pass any sweeping county wide reforms to let it happen. Northern Virginia was largely protected by Southern and Western Virginia based voters/government officials that resisted the push for "population expansion" (Diversification) that the local Maryland governments had no defense against. And oh they pushed HARD. Loudon and Fauquier Counties in Virginia in particular damn near took up arms in revolt when the the push came to expand housing in there areas, and there was enough spill over to save Fairfax County (barely).

The end result is the Money from Chevy Chase, and the votes from Prince George absolutely wrecked southern Maryland, leading to a massive ethnic replacement (not in Chevy Chase OR Prince George mind you). The middle class whites all fled to Virginia where there was harsh resistance to population growth (diversification. The fucks called it growing population, not unrestricted immigration), leaving the diversity behind and a huge tax deficit that has bankrupted the Maryland State government. Northern Virginia is also now viewed as a containment region by the rest of Virginia, with the Maryland refugees and other assorted carpet baggers viewed with suspicion, especially since they have turned the state "purple".
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