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What rules would you say the evil left wing journos operate under that makes them some of the most despised people in human existence? No silliness, just seeing where the process of professionalism doesn't exist.
If you want to see how something works, watch what happens when it breaks down.

1. Blame other people for the things your political ideology does itself. Projection, project like you're the female minded terrors you are.
2. If a politician you don't like gets into trouble, make sure you note prominently in your reporting they are republican and white. If they are democrat, make sure your article never states their political affiliation and try to hide the article on page D19 in the newspaper.
3. Murder is okay if it's someone like the Covington kids like Sandman. Saying things that could get that person killed is a-ok. Taking criticism from your political enemies is akin to them threatening to murder babies in the street.
4. Murdering a person's character for years is fine if you don't like them. You have no obligation to correct news and opinions you printed if they turn up false later. If forced to print a retraction, D19 again. Small print next to the massage parlor advertisements and right before the sports pages.
5. If we don't report it, it doesn't exist.
6. Appeal to authority. If your side said the sky was pink this morning, it was pink, even if photographic evidence says otherwise. If those people say it was blue and can prove it even with a live feed, call them racists, homophobes, nazis, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, etc.
7. Black and other non-white conservatives don't exist until you need someone to tarnish.
8. Fail safe: scream anti-semite.

Just an idea, would love to know what everybody else would say are poor professionalism and character rules of journalists.


Those are rules for anybody with any kind of bias. Don't act like right wing journalists are paragons of morality just because you agree with the trash they write.
Right wing journalists are too busy being RINOs while left wing journalists are pretending to act like activists sprouting for more socialism so they can get free passes to mock right wing journalists.

Overall, it went from two sides of the same coin, to two sides of wanting to see who can out pander one another.


I don't know if trying to define their rule book is a useful approach.

The big difference I see is that most left wing journos (at least the ones being criticised here) are playing a totally different game to the right wing ones.

The Left wing aren't playing a game, they're fighting a war in which they are the righteous . They genuinely don't care about truth or facts. Not as valuable things in themselves anyway.
It is possible to be a partisan journalist, while still being honest and valuing truth. But the only one that comes to mind right now from the Left is Nick Cohen . Maybe the Greenwald/Assange leak stuff counts too, and the New Statesman? How the Guardian used to be many years ago.
Whereas most of the famous right wing / alt-right figures still desperately try to argue using facts and logic. I'm sure there are complete liars / propagandists out there but they tend to be on the edges.

Playing fair(ish) whe your opponent cheats is a disadvantage.

But if the Right wing did go down the route of total lies, then there'd y nothing to chose between the sides except what your gut feel inclines you to. So it's bye-bye Enlightenment and back to the standard course of history of power politics, demagogues, and ignorant mobs.

So, back to the original question by the OP. Their rule book is the rule book of total war. Always cheat, always win. Destroy the enemy by any means at your disposal. This isn't a gentlemanly debate society.

Very simplistic argument, and not polished, but you get the idea. Perhaps someone else could re-write it for me 😁

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So, back to the original question by the OP. Their rule book is the rule book of total war. Always cheat, always win. Destroy the enemy by any means at your disposal. This isn't a gentlemanly debate society.
All is fair in war?
8. Fail safe: scream anti-semite.
Only if it's one of those liberal joos, or the one that bankrolls them, like Soros.
Netanyahu is literally Kosher Hitler, the remaining Koch brother is an abhorrent multi-billionaire hell-bent on buying up the gov't, etc. And when if the Mossad comes up...