Lolcow Leonard F. Shaner II - Discussion Edition and Now With Less Autism (see the OP)


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This thread is to discuss Leonard F. Shaner and his antics only and he will be threadbanned from posting in this thread, so any updates and news about him can go here. This means that the images that @Zim has made for the other thread can also be posted here if something comes up.

Just for a recap on who Leonard is and what he's about, he's a 46 year old train sperg that has been banned from nearly every single railroad in Pennsylvania and he's set to go on trial next August. He's infamous around railfan forums for his inappropriate actions, shitposting and sock puppet alts. He thinks that the Kiwi Farms is on a conspiracy to get him banned from every single railroad and has targeted people like @Pocket_Sand! on his crusade to prove that he's right about literally everything.

Another primer on Len can be found here and here.

An excellent overview of involved parties can be found here.


Thanks to @autisticdragonkin, there have been new Len updates posted. The original thread was locked due to cancerous w33ning and other kinds of autism so this thread will now serve as the official Len Shaner thread. It will be handled similarly to the Striker Wolf part 2 thread despite all the unfunny sperging that went on. Discussion of Shaner was previously done in this thread for a while so you can catch up on any other updates made before this thread was made the real discussion thread in there.

There was even an ED page made about our favorite trainsperg, which was featured for a few days on the site many months back.

@BOLDYSPICY!'s new master post is also a great read. Highly recommended!

@Cthulhu has also capped and provided information on Shaner and I'd also recommend reading his posts throughout this thread. This is here for easier navigation as the thread continues to grow.

Splinter threads:

Matthew Wielgosz / Walking Stomach -

Foamerspergs: Autism Gone Off the Rails -
(Community Watch thread for the Foamer and Railfan Community)


1) If you pretend to be Shaner or posting like he did under his sock accounts, you will be BANNED so don't be a fucking faggot in this thread. Shaner himself was constantly on thin ice with Null, who never liked the original thread to begin with. Keep that in mind. The real Shaner will also be banned on sight and is still not welcome here. Don't encourage him to return.

2) Unfunny trolling posts will give you multiple warning points. We don't want a repeat of the Kirby situation.

3) Notice me senpai posts will warrant a threadban.

4) All other Kiwi Farms guidelines and rules apply here so be on your best behavior and use the report button to report any posts in here that violate these rules.

Other than that, have fun. Shaner is a great cow to discuss and these rules and guidelines are in place to facilitate the best form of discussion and ridicule of him. It's a wonderful privilege to have so don't fuck it up again and ruin it for everyone else. Shaner will win and you'll look like an assclown in the process.
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Not sure what the rationale behind splitting threads is? Len posts in the other, we link it here and talk about it? How is that going to stop the 500 "IT'S SPELLED YOU'RE" posts?
This way, people who actually want to know what's going on can follow the updates here, without having to dig through all the shitposting. Look at the Holden threads for an example.


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This way, people who actually want to know what's going on can follow the updates here, without having to dig through all the shitposting. Look at the Holden threads for an example.
That is a good idea, is someone up to speed enough to post a current for the first page?
I try to keep up but I can't check as much as I'd like... Len has the wild ride machine set to full sanic fast.


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Shitposting isn't inherently bad in Shaner's case, cause he responds to it and it's hilarious. But for every good post/response, there's a million people trying to get noticed by autism-sempai. Makes it hard to follow.

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Reactive posts to his autism (and the reactive reactive posts to the autism he respawns with) are almost expected with Len. Because of how the conversation goes and with the hilarious things everyone writes, shops, or even just links in, Len's responses become outright hilarious as he's basically replying with all of the tact and intrigue of a peeved 4-year-old.

But if we're trying to discuss some of the other issues with Len that actually interest people to some drawn out and intelligent conversations (his weird social interactions, his upcoming court case, etc.), they might find better traction here where we can have full discussions without Len barging in and turning them into the Shitlord Foamer Hour.

Not yet, I also need to bring that up with a mod.
I'm fairly certain that you've already considered them, but make sure that Photographer and Knight Rider are also banned. He's already gone back to good old Frankie (or whatever the hell he's called now) to sockpuppet, so just preemptively ensuring they can't come in and sperg up the topic would be nice.

And while this might seem a bit too judgmental, Walking Stomach didn't really contribute much to the last Len topic and, quite honestly, it almost felt like he was trying to trollshield with Len (which is kinda sad), so maybe banning him preemptively might be a good idea in case he tries to go on a tirade about how Len is a horrible person. If people think I'm wrong in the matter, I'll retract this request because after all, I was the idiot that encouraged Connor to fucking post in the Len topic, and I regret that to this day.


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Not sure what the rationale behind splitting threads is? Len posts in the other, we link it here and talk about it? How is that going to stop the 500 "IT'S SPELLED YOU'RE" posts?
Like @Nara said, check out Holden, imo this format has been pretty successful in the Loveshy subforum. After the first sluthate thread reached 1000 posts they split it; one thread is for screencaps and actual information and the 2nd is containment for all the sluthate spergs and their rampant shitposting. Currently the 2nd one is 10x bigger than the information thread. It makes it a lot easier to find useful information, and if you feel like arguing with the idiot you can go do that too without making the thread harder for people to catch up on. Same deal with Holden. People get really excited and shitposty when they directly engage the cows for some reason so really, the 500 "IT'S SPELLED YOU'RE" posts would likely stay in the thread where Shaner is.

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So, one thing I noticed is that one of the many tactics Len tries to use against the Farm is doxxing, because I guess he thinks that by turning the idea of the Farms against itself would be some kind of ingenious plan or something. He initially accused Zim, Pocket Sand, and later Gook Choy, saying he knew who they were, likely because they were the ones that were giving us the most information about Len, but probably his biggest show of sperging was when he had insider Curr Bee feeding him names.

As Kirby mentioned, Len is... either not very attentive or not very bright.

Basically, Kirby's first fed dox were supposed to be rather subtle in-jokes, something that didn't clearly scream FAAAAAKEE!!, but as you go on, you start seeing that Kirby gradually cared less and less until he just admitted he got bored and wanted to see what stupid shit he could get away with.

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Also, isn't think kinda jumping the gun? I mean the main page hasn't reached 1000 pages, nor is it locked.
We're getting a lot of Kiwis that missed the train on the first station and are now desperately trying to figure out why the fuck Len is so interesting to warrant its rampant growth, and a combination of shitposting and autism is not helping them.

This is for a more concise summary of what's going on, not to mention a good way to organize and catalog all of Len's spergfests.