Lolcow Leonard F. Shaner II - Discussion Edition and Now With Less Autism (see the OP)

Trump Taking A Dump
Shaner says he isn't a racist he told me. But he liked a comment by someone that is racists.

Here is some advice Shaner. Don't treat people like Garbage. And you won't get treated like garbage. I hope you can understand that.

Shaner probably got fast food for his mother for Mother's Day . Like his idol in the White House.

I noticed the screen shots he has of my posts are gone off his Twitter page. I guess no one was listening to him and he got mad and took them down and cried for awhile. Hey Shaner. Why do you put your copyright in the photo? No one is going to copy your pieces of garbage to be used by them.

I laughed when a friend showed me a message from him years ago that he owns a famous production company yesterday. I fell to the floor laughing. The time he said he was using crappy VHS quality video on Youtube page. Famous production companies make money Shaner. And that's something you don't have.


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He's using the NPS volunteer badge as a twatter avatar, interesting. Did he actually manage to get back in the Park Service's good graces, or is that just an ego booster?
Ego booster for sure since Len thinks he's above being honest and is still too exceptional to get that even a subnormal mind can tell he's a big fat liar who managed to get banned by a whole city.


He's just this guy, you know?
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I'm still going through the first thread with just glancing at this threads OP..... What...the....fuck.... How had I never known this beautiful pure being made entirely out of autism. I just can't catch up fast enough.
I love that feeling of "This dude makes Chris look like George Clooney."

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