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Lolcow Leonard F. Shaner Jr.Autistic Pedophile / Foamer / Shitlord

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Zim, Jun 4, 2015.

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    [mod edit: A quick primer on Len's legal issues for folks just showing up for his 9/30/15 court date]

    [​IMG] Leonard Shaner retarded.jpg
    *NEW! Updated!* - Leonard F. Shaner Jr. 's Common Pleas court Docket! : PA v. Leonard F. Shaner Jr.
    Leonard F. Shaner Jr. 's original criminal record docket! : Commonwealth of PA v. Leonard F. Shaner Jr.
    *September 30th* - Leonard F. Shaner's Arraignment!:
    Leonard F Shaner arraignment truth.jpg

    *August 10th* - A first hand account of Leonard F. Shaner Jr.'s Hearing!:

    This is what Shaner wore to his hearing. Thanks to @PropaneAccesories for the photo.
    leonard f shaner tacky suit.jpg
    proof2.png lenny1.png
    Fear not fellow Kiwi's. I was there for the hearing and wow... just wow. A hearing normally takes about 20 to 30 minutes max so I stupidly didn't bring any paper to take notes figuring it was going to be short and sweet. This wasn't the case at all. This hearing took a little over 2 hours and was worth the price of admission. Let's begin.

    I arrived at the court house in Pottstown, PA around 8, and walked in. It's a very nice old train station that's been re-purposed as a legal building. The inside was pretty spartan and was a light color blue. I found the 3 witnesses and Curt already there and introduced myself. Shaner was also there sitting away from everyone with his elderly mother. The witnesses were led into a conference room and we had some general small talk and talked about how it looked like Shaner was representing himself. A few minutes later the witnesses came back out and Len was overheard talking to an official about how he had Hy as his legal counsel and that he was doing the case for free. The official said something to the effect of "I'm not sure this is going to work." and we gave each other a bunch of confused looks and speculated how maybe he was just saying this and might still be defending himself. This was about 8:10.

    Then, as you all know by now, Mayerson shows up and we are all collectively blown away. Hy is a shorter gentleman with grey hair and very old. You guys have seen the photos so I'll spare the details. Anyway, him and Shaner went into the conference room and the train guys and myself gossiped about how crazy this might get. Curt started getting calls from people and had to leave to move freight cars at the rail yard (This is important later). A few minutes later they came out and it was announced that the hearing was about to begin and anyone who wanted to observe should enter the courtroom. I got up and went into the court room all by myself.... guys..... :P

    The courtroom also blue and was very typical a seat for a judge, witness, defendant, and prosecutor along with two rows of seats for interested parties which in this case was myself and Shaners mom. We sat in the first row with her at one end and myself at the other. Shaner and Hy entered as did the judge, the prosecuting officer, and stenographer. Proceedings then began.

    BTW SemHy noticed me sitting in the court room by myself and came up to see why I was there. I told him I was a reporter. He asked with who and I said "The Onion" and that I was a friend of Curt since he had already seen me sitting and talking with him.

    Preston was the first witness and he easily got the worst of it. For the first 15 minutes or so it was a very normal proceeding with Hy asking questions about property lines, right of way, and where P was when he was allegedly filming Shaner trespassing. At this point I thought Hy was not crazy and might be a legit good lawyer. This was about to change dramatically! After it was proven that Len was in fact on rail road property Hy changed his tune... a lot. He pulled out a stack of screen caps from the Kiwi Farms, walked up to P, and asked if he knew about this forum. P said he did and Hy then asked if he posted as Cumrobbery. Yes. He said "cum robbery" in a court room. I'll be honest, I had a hard time containing my laughter at this point. However I managed to not bust up laughing so it was all good. P said he was aware of the Kiwi Farms but had only gone to read when he discovered Len had posted his dox here. Hy then retrieved a copy of Shaner's termination letter from the Coalbrookdale. He went back up to P and asked how this letter ended up on the Kiwi Farms. P said that Shaner had put it up publicly on Facebook and then deleted it later so someone must have copied it. Hy said "What do you mean deleted it from Facebook?" to which P replied "He deleted it later like he does a lot of stuff he posts." Hy then said "Well, I see it was only emailed to -names of train guys redacted- but not to Frank Rizzo." This was met with confused stares and then the judge stopped that line of questioning. At this point Hy then went back and questioned about the video P made of Shaner trespassing. However, this was limited to asking stupid stuff such as what kind of phone he owned, who his provider was, and when the FBI got involved would he be comfortable turning all his devices over to them to prove he wasn't on the Farms. At this point the Judge got involved and said how this had nothing to do with the case where as Hy began quoting legal stuff about how P could be charged as a domestic terrorist. The look the judge made was priceless. Again, nearly started laughing my ass off. The judge, who by the way is pretty bad ass looking, starts yelling at Hy a little bit because Hy's being really dumb and submitting evidence that has no bearing on the case. At this point Hy pointed right at me and said "Mr. M, do you know this man? He said he's a reporter for The Onion and is a friend of Curt's". The judge looked over at me and I sort of did a half ass wave. P confirmed he didn't know me. After that Hy presented a few more screen shots of this thread and the judge started getting mad to the point where I thought Hy might get ejected from the room. But he didn't and after 3 standard questions from the prosecutor P left the stand and took a seat 5 or 6 over from me. P took over an hour. I was scared at this point with 2 more witnesses to go that I was going to be there for 3 hours or more. I got other shit I had to do today.

    George (the one who smashed Shaner in the face with the lantern) was up next and Hy switched tactics. For about 20 minutes Hy exclusively tried to get G mad by saying how there was no way he could have seen Shaner from where he was located on the train by using Shaner's own photos that were clearly taken within 10 feet of the track. G got a little ruffled and when he did Hy said "Oh, it looks like you might have something to hide with you huffing and puffing up there." I'm not kidding that's very close to what he said to G. The judge heard this and stopped that shit pretty fast. Hy then insinuated that Palladino (the judge) didn't know how to do his job. This didn't sit well with the judge and again Hy almost got ejected. After that the prosecution asked about 3 question that actually had something to do with Shaner's trespassing and endangerment charges. Then G stepped down and took a seat next to P.

    Finally, the dashing rogue, Bob, commander of the tracks took the stand. Hy switched gears yet again, this time focusing on B's credibility as an engineer. However, he first started off by accusing B of being Anominous on the Kiwi Farms. B said he reads the farms regularly but never posts (Hi!) and found it when Shaner posted his dox here. Hy asked him again if he was Anominous, B said no, and according to B Hy leaned in and said quietly, "We'll see. We'll see." Hy then threatened B with having all his electronic devices being confiscated by the FBI like with P. The judge shot this down again. Next Hy started asking about B's training and if he was actually qualified as an engineer which has no bearing on this case BTW. Then Hy got even stranger and asked where his training was, if he had certified himself because his license was based out of a rail road he owns (B got certified at another line he didn't own), to prove he was an engineer. Mayerson even asked about what hotel B stayed at during training which resulted in B and the judge confronting Hy about badgering and bearing on the case. Hy didn't prepare at all because he didn't know anything about railroading when he came into this. He didn't know what the FRA was, what the CFR was, or how engineers and conductors are certified. As a side note B was staring directly into Hy's eyes this entire time and Hy was kinda backing down from it.

    The judge had been interrupting Hy on a regular basis in this hearing and by this point was quite sick of all of this. So Hy finished his line of weird questioning and the prosecution told how they had proven that there was enough evidence to take this to trial.

    The prosecution got about half way through this final argument when Hy suddenly jumped up and said "There's one more person I'd like to question today!" I was a bit nervous since I was the only person in this room besides Shaner's mom but it wasn't me! He turned around and walked toward the door and said "I'd like to call Curt to the stand!" He then went out into the waiting room and called out Curt's name repeatedly. Of course, Curt had been gone for an hour at least because he had work. I turned to SemHy and said "I don't think he's here anymore. I think he went to work." Hy then looked at me, smiled, and winked and went back to Shaner's table. (As far as I know you can't pull a Perry Mason and call surprise witnesses like that anyway. Not being a lawyer I'd need confirmation though.) Everyone could tell that Hy and Shaner were fuming over this. Shaner had actually brought 2 entire envelopes of screen shots from the Kiwi Farms into court. I think they expected to use Curt as their ace in the hole to prove the Lenspiracy. It was pretty funny.

    So finally the final arguments were concluded with all charges proven as valid and going to PA common pleas as you all know by now. As we were leaving the court room Hy got in an argument with the judge about Shaner not having to fill out bail forms. The judge got mad and told him either Shaner can fill it out himself or he would just ask Shaner the info. After that we all left.

    It was a huge circus or as they call it in the legal community, a cluster fuck. I'm not even a lawyer and I know that 90% of what Hy was presenting was batshit insane. This brings me to 2 possible conclusions about Hy Mayerson.

    A) Hy has bought into the Lenspiracy hook line and sinker.

    B) Hy hates Leonard Shaner and is doing this pro bono so that he can get Shaner the maximum sentence possible by purposely being a fucking nut job. He didn't help Shaner's case at all. In fact I think he actually made it worse by pissing off the judge.

    Anyway, after the hearing I went to Boyertown and hung out with the train guys. I toured the place, met some people, and even got to ride in the cab of engine 7580 on one of their daily tourist excursions. It was pretty cool and you feel like a boss up there. After that it started raining so I said goodbye and started the long drive back home. We never went to the Icehouse restaraunt but I bet Shaner's still waiting there with camera in hand to take pictures of us.

    So there you have it. That's what I remember about this morning. I'd like to add that because of the length of the hearing Shaner missed at least 4 fudges.
    *NEW* - Video Proof Of A Cop Kicking Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Off Railroad Property!
    Courtesy of @meanmutha

    Leonard F. Shaner Jr. 's Latest Termination Letter!:
    Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Termination Letter.jpg
    Does Leonard F. Shaner Jr. have DL&W 565's missing parts?
    Leonard Shaner stolen parts.jpg
    *Leonard F. Shaner Jr. ED Page* - Gotta love that new cow smell.
    *Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Lolcow Wiki Page* - Another step in his lolcow career.
    *LEONARD F. SHANER JR. DECLARES WAR* - Shaner the bully declares 4chan, 8chan, and Kiwi Farms big meanies and begins another dox saga on Facebook.
    *Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Declares War Again* - This time only against the Kiwis. (Taken down by Kiwis)
    *Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Declares War For A Third Time* - When will this manchild learn?

    - courtesy of @Super Collie - Following the recent disruptions to this thread as well as moderator/Null interventions, here's everything recent that you need to know about Len and his thread:
    1. @The_Knight_Rider, Len's old account and "privet detective", has been merged with his active account, @Leonard F. Shaner Jr. All posts originally created by Knight Rider are now associated with and display as having been posted from Len's Verified account.
    2. Negative ratings accrued by @The_Knight_Rider did not carry over during the merge. This was due to limitations in the Kiwi Farms' forum software. At the time of the merging, Knight had approximately 21,000 negative ratings. It is unlikely that these points can be associated with Len's Verified account.
    3. @Photographer, Len's third account, was outright banned. It was not merged with any accounts.
    4. Leonard's primary account currently has some form of throttling active on it which extends the amount of time that must pass before he can make another post. This was placed on the account by Null after Len backtalked him.
    5. The administrators have requested that you do not tag them in posts in this thread (namely Null and Katsu). Please do continue to report shitposts or other violations of community rules.
    6. There was epic shit posting here so a discussion thread was made before Null curb stomped Len's connection to the curb: Leonard F. Shaner II: Discussion Edition

    Zim here with a special treat for everyone!

    We're all familiar with autism. It's half the attraction of this forum. However, there's a place where autism is rampant and that's trains. Rail fans, a.k.a. foamers, can be some of the most autistic and horrible people you can meet. At the very top of this list is Leonard F. Shaner Jr. This guy is infamous in railroad circles in Pennsylvania. He's a huge source of drama and I feel it's my duty as a loyal Kiwi to give all of you the opportunity to observe the hilariousness and stupidity of his life. Strangely he also lives in the general area Nick Bate lived. Take that however you like.

    Leonard F. Shaner is a pedophile and has all the tell tale signs of a cow. He's got a huge ego, he's a habitual liar, he's a manchild, he creeps on women (underage girls mostly), is on SSDI, he's fat, he's never moved out of his elderly mom's house, is a virgin, creates multiple Facebook accounts and screen names to harass people, and he's not aware that it's ok to have more then one hobby (trains). That's right. His ENTIRE LIFE REVOLVES AROUND TRAINS. Actually, he has two hobbies. Trains and taking pictures and videos of trains. He's been banned from nearly every railroad in PA due to him lying, stealing, impersonating people, and being super creepy. He's also in his early 50's.

    For the record, here's Leonard Shaner Jr.'s actual pages. Beware. It's pure train autism.

    Shaner's Facebook
    Shaner's Youtube

    Shaner's primary email

    Anyway, let's get on with the show!

    Len Shaner's been doing the same thing for a long time. He causes drama, pisses people off, he gets banned, and he makes sock puppets to defend himself because surely no one will suspect it's him if he uses a different name.

    The earliest I can find is from the Railway Preservation News forum.

    As you can see HERE they were big fans of his.

    He also had the same habit of making tons of alt accounts to both avoid bans and support his opinions. Terrible spelling and grammar are, as always, a dead give away.
    Schuylkill Valley

    Now for your enjoyment, Pre-Facebook Leonard F. Shaner Jr. drama.
    Shaner get's called out. 2008
    A Len sockpuppet gets laughed at. 2010
    No one really likes Len. 2014
    RPN discovers one of Shaners angry FB pages. 2015
    "Knightwolf" (totes not Leonard F. Shaner Jr.) pretends to be Dennis Blank to discredit him on Youtube

    Fast forward to present day. Evidently he got banned from too many volunteer rail roads and decided there's a conspiracy.

    So what does Leonard do? He makes some pages badmouthing the last one he got banned from, The Colebrookdale Rail Road. I believe they banned Shaner for lying, stealing, and sexually harassing 2 or 3 girls.

    Here's some FB pages he made basically trying to get revenge or something against this tourist RR. These pages may be down due to so many people reporting them and/or @Leonard F. Shaner Jr. removing them due to people making fun of them constantly. He can't take the heat. However, I've archived the entirety of his "Internet Bullies" Facebook page just in case to show a typical Leonard Shaner hate page.

    Leonard F Shaner Jr is a bully.jpg

    Colebrookdale Railroad Americas Most Dangerous Tourist Line
    Friends Of The Colebrookdale Rail Road
    Colebrookdale Railroad Can They Be Trusted?
    Meet the Conspirators of The Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust
    Michael S. Martin, Stolen Valor of Pennsylvania (a guy Len's buttmad at)
    Robert E. Lowe Jr, Stolen Police Valor of Pennsylvania (another guy Shaner's buttmad at) *Removed*
    Can Dennis Blank Jr Be Trusted? (Yet another arch nemesis of Len who's better then Len in every way)
    Central Railroad of New Jersey Project 113
    Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad Project 565
    Can We Trust The Colebrookdale Railroad Leaders?
    Len Shaner candid camera moments (his sneaky "I hate Shaner too" page)
    Leonard F Shaner Jr, World's Most Famous Railfan.
    Consolidated Rail Corporation Fans
    Internet Bullies (anti 4chan/8chan/kiwi page)
    Taking Down Kiwi Farms (he hates us lul)
    Taking Down Kiwi Farms - Kiwifr.ms (second try by our favorite manchild)

    Being the clever manchild he is he pretends he's other people when he posts.

    Freddy M.
    Erica R. Stone
    William Keys
    Stanley Roberts

    On this particular forum Leonard F. Shaner Jr. mains as @The_Knight_Rider
    Leonard F Shaner is the knight rider.jpg
    He also has appeared as @Photographer and, after some prodding, as himself @Schuylkill Valley .

    It's pretty obvious it's Leonard F. Shaner Jr. doing all this. I'd also like you to note that I got all of this proof of him blowing his cover from his own Facebook pages. Yes, Shaner really is that stupid.
    len shaner fb pages.jpg
    leonard shaner jr 1.jpg
    len shaner aliases.jpg
    leonard shaner busted.jpg
    leonard shaner 1st person.jpg
    Leonard Shaner big oops.jpg

    It's just one big Shaner temper tantrum but pretty lulzy since he's so buttmad about being banned.

    Also he's mostly talking to himself on these pages. Leonard Shaner has no friends and no one really wants anything to do with him. His solution is to try and make his pages legit by creating tons of throw away accounts to like his pages. He also makes a few accounts to make it seem like he has allies in his one man tard rage.

    Here's a few confirmed Leonard Shaner aliases. They're pretty easy to recognize since A) no one really likes him, B) "they" all use his photos on "their" profiles, C) "they" call him Mr. Shaner, and D) when asked "they" claim to not be Leonard F. Shaner Jr.

    John Simon (fake Vietnam vet)
    *Update* John Simon changed his name to John Smith due to everyone calling him out on his bull shit.
    leonard f shaner is john smith.jpg

    leonard shaner is john simon.jpg
    Leonard F Shaner Jr is John Simon.jpg
    Leonard F Shaner Jr is John Simon 3.jpg
    Lenard F Shaner Jr stolen valor.jpg

    Wendy M Evans (fake model and currently taken down)
    Model Diane Flopler (another fake model)
    Rachel R. Davis
    Scott Blank

    Also in classic Shaner style he made a poorly put together video showing how this rail line is something to do with Nazis? Random Nazi stuff starts around 0:45.

    This time he used the alias Denise Beckman.

    *UPDATE* - The Youtube account of the fake Denise Beckman (aka Shaner) has been shut down due to the real Denise reporting it to the police. Sadly, I didn't save the video.
    leonard shaner youtube.jpg
    Leonard shaner youtube 2.jpg

    *UPDATE 2* - It's now been proven Leonard Shaner is actually a closet homosexual! Please, be considerate of his sensitive needs!
    Leonard Shaner is gay 1.jpg
    Leonard Shaner is gay 2.jpg
    Leonard Shaner is gay 3.jpg
    Leonard Shaner is gay 4.jpg
    Leonard Shaner is gay 5.jpg

    *UPDATE 3* - @Gook Choy actually used to work with Leonard F. Shaner Jr. at Sears! These are his interactions with Shaner.
    Len Shaner in “Autism Anarchy!
    Len Shaner in “Scrapbook Shenanigans!
    Len Shaner in “Candyman Catastrophe!
    Len Shaner in “Pants Shitting Panic!
    Len Shaner in “Pottstown Smackdown! (This post turned “Friend of” Len a.k.a. The_Knight_Rider into “real” Len a.k.a. Schuykill Valley)
    Len Shaner in “Pants Shitting Panic 2: Pepto Bismol Blues!
    Len Shaner in “Retirement Party Malarkey!
    Len Shaner in “Baby Shower Boondoggle!
    Len Shaner in “Prime Time Crime!
    Len Shaner in “Obtuse Operator!
    Len Shaner in “Parking Lot Pandemonium!
    Len Shaner in “Train Tape Terror!
    Len Shaner in "Playtime Paranoia!
    Len Shaner in "Sales Floor Flunkie!"
    Len Shaner in "Raffle Kerfuffle!"
    Len Shaner in "Employee Engagement!"

    So that's Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Proof that you should diversify your hobbies. I'll dig up more crap when I can but until then here's a picture of the legendary Len Shaner gut and tube socks! Oh, and some Shaner appreciation artwork too!

    shanergut.jpg leonard shaner len shaner.jpg leonard shaner cleveland steamer.jpg len shaner officer.jpg asu.jpg cancer.jpg squalls2.PNG End Of The Line.png aKJtYsMl.jpg Leonard Shaner Dildo collection.jpg 0ba9e61305.jpg Leonard f Shaner is a homo.jpg leonard f shaner star wars.png Leonard F Shaner Jr knocked out.png 11647326_1018011831542414_1128745149_n.jpg Len.png puff puff le fin.jpg
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    Zim Facebook District Manager
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  2. Of course you would be banned if you keep derailing other people's enjoyment.

    I regret nothing.
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    WireSponge Coolest camel in the desert

  3. Oh, boy. The train guy from the Obscure Laughingstocks thread. Reading the post about him I was thinking there's probably enough content for him to have a thread.
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    The Jumping Dwarf

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  4. What's this dude's disability? it doesn't seem to stop him from fucking with trains 24/7 including apparently doing some decently heavy track labor.

    Please tell me it's not autism.
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  5. Yeah I figured I'd move it here since it was too much content to be contained there. Also Shaner is in the middle of some drama and is creating a lot of content.

    I'm not sure. He's definitely learning disabled and no one goes this hard into trains without a legit amount of autism so it might be that Len is getting this for the 'tism. On the other hand some people said he has a bad back or something.

    He really does just chase trains and shitpost on the internet all day. Yes and I really do mean he drives around to watch freight trains at crossings.
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    Zim Facebook District Manager
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  6. Why though? Truth be told, yes trains can be fascinating if you actually give a fiddler's fuck about the history of them, and it would seem okay as a hobby, but at the very LEAST try to get a job and maybe not let your hobby control your life, oh and also don't be a creepy pedofork at train depots...
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    MrWarioWare Jumper Cable Beater

  7. Trains can also be very exciting!

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    WireSponge Coolest camel in the desert

  8. I don't know if he's worked more than a few years at a hardware store or something. I've only been Shaner watching for a little less then a year.

    He has no life. He's never had a girlfriend. His only real interest is trains and taking photos of trains. In my opinion he seems like the kind of guy who got on disability strictly so he doesn't have a job that interferes with his train boners.
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    Zim Facebook District Manager
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  9. @Zim do you know how long hes been on disability? It's pretty hard to scam onto now but my understanding is that it used to be a lot easier 15-20 years ago.
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  10. @waffle I have no idea. I think it's been a long time but I'd have to check with a friend more in the know. I'll have to get back to you on that.

    Zim Facebook District Manager
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  11. @waffle Ok I talked to a dude who knows a guy and he's only been on 9 or 10 years for diabetes.

    Anyway, here's some more stuff.

    Here's a screen shot showing Len Shaner is actually the guy who runs Friends of The Colebrookdale Rail Road. In true Shaner fashion, even with visual proof he denies it and sticks to his lies. Also more conspiracy ramblings.

    And for something more current, here Shaner is blowing his cover as Colebrookdale Railroad America's Most Dangerous Tourist Line in his war against Stolen Valor of Pottstown!

    This is probably when things are going to start backfiring for him. That's genuine lolcow rage right there.

    Anyway, tomorrow I'll see if I can dig up older drama that's not Facebook exclusive and keep you all up to date on the tard rage.
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  12. Remember the troll Chris talked to with the model boats?
    This guy is him.. but real, with real trains.

    Oh man... this has all the feelings of going to get ugly now, I'd love to see more of the lunacy. There's something strange to draw people to hobbies that invovle history that just has an ugly underbelly.
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  13. What's the correlation between autism and trains? I've heard trains were basically their sonic before sonic was around.
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    John Daker

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  14. Maybe the gotta go fast? Train speeds were always the thing, like sonic.

    Trains can't change things they are on X track, repeating things autistic people are often fond of. Tons of moving parts to either amuse look at or awe in how they work.
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  15. Agreed. There's some hobbies and communities where you think "How the fuck could someone be a drama llama here?" But lols find a way.
    Basically. There's lots of stats and schedules and schematics to memorize and sperg over. I remember reading an article about someone doing a study to find out why so many autists, even in adulthood, loved Thomas the Tank Engine so goddamn much.
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    sonichuis44 I'm Leonard the Nightfly
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  16. [​IMG]

    I have no idea why but yeah, trains (especially Thomas the tank engine) has a huge fan base which consist of lots of 'tisms. I didn't wonder there would be a specific lolcow instead of the subject per se, I mean, you guys know there's a train fetish fandom right?.
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  17. @Bassomatic It takes some digging to find the older stuff but he's been doing this same crap with everything he's been involved in that I can see since at least 2008. Stolen Valor of Pottstown is sensory overload levels of buttmad. Totally worth checking out. It's comedy gold.

    Yeah I don't get trains. They're cool but as my friend who's more in the know explained to me it attracts assholes and autism. I'm sure it's a lot to do with model numbers, stats, and gotta catch em' all like sonichuis44 said. ;)
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  18. Wait, so Stolen Valor is Len, or is targeting Len? That page is confusing as fuck... Although the baby boomer war vets arguing like teenage girls is hilarious.
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    sonichuis44 I'm Leonard the Nightfly
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  19. the real tard cum hasn't even begun yet and i'm already laughing. just look at his face in the op!
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    Wilhelm Silverhaired Creep

  20. No it's totally confusing so here's what's going on.

    The page is accusing a guy named John Simon of being fake.

    John Simon is a profile made by Len Shaner to try and discredit a railroad Len was kicked off.

    Colebrookdale Railroad America's Most Dangerous Tourist Line is defending John Simon because it's also Len Shaner.

    Stolen Valor is one of the many, many guys who knows both these profiles is Shaner.

    Shaner's dumb and doesn't realize this so hilarity ensues.
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