Lolcow Leonard F. Shaner Jr. - Autistic Pedophile / Foamer / Shitlord

Do you prefer Shaner to get permabanned?

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Pizza The Hutt

Tell him, Vinnie.
Jan 16, 2015
I dunno if I am talking out my ass or not, but it seems like the Len topic only stays open out of pure spite.

Kiwis hate him because he doesn't bring anything interesting to the conversation, and kills brain cells after too much reading.
The mods hate him because of all the unnecessary cleanup required to deal with his constant doxing and spamming.
He burns out major contributing members who get tired of his bullshit and personal attacks.
He attracts trolls, railfans, and other mongoloids to the forum.

Len seems to be one of the worst things going for the farms now. There isn't much humor left, and what there is is convoluted and usually troll related. The only reason I personally stick around is to see the eventual breakdown when this court case goes pear shaped for Lenny.

Rat Speaker

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Apr 17, 2015
t it seems like the Len topic only stays open out of pure spite.
spite against who? Some people did actually enjoy the Lennay saga that was played out on the Farms.
kiwis hate him because he doesn't bring anything interesting to the conversation
Speak for yourself, I hate him for his autistic diaper shitting ways.
The mods hate him because of all the unnecessary cleanup required to deal with his constant doxing and spamming.
Fully agreed on this one.
Len seems to be one of the worst things going for the farms now.
Really because every other autistic, spergy, loveshy, edgelord with a tumblr complex is way better then some pathetic foamer?
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Imposter Bee/Soom Lee Weed
Aug 10, 2015
All things considered, I think option 2 is the way to go. I have a bit of a soft spot for Len (mainly because he's the lolcow that finally made me register here after years of lurking, plus he's the only lolcow I've personally interacted with and trolled) but 90% of the time he does the same stuff over and over.
Len's kinda run out of steam at the moment (pardon the pun) and the recent stuff has probably burned everyone out a little. That said, Len isn't going anywhere for the moment and there's always a chance of something happening that'll liven the thread up again, so you never know. I'm pretty sure there have been other lolcows that went into a period of hibernation and then suddenly came back months later.


Needlessly Bitchy Pigtails Girl
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Apr 27, 2015
The only issue I see with Number 2 is that there will be a bunch of people who forget Len won't be able to respond to their comments in time and still make obnoxious posts, but that would probably happen anyways, to be honest.


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Oct 17, 2015
If posters here are willing to "play along" with Len, and personal revealing info can be obtained from him, I say Option 1. Otherwise, Option 2.


Wolf-Souled Individual
Apr 12, 2014
I'm definitely a fan of option 2. It removes the reason for banning him (doxxing/creating work for mods). I don't know how the forum software works, but try to have some way to tell after sockpuppets are merged, under which account he made the post. The funniest thing about him posting here is the bad sockpuppeting, and a lot of that is lost when it's all placed under one name.


Dirty Work Inc.
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Jun 8, 2015
At this point you could ban Len, and replace him with a bot that randomly accuses the above poster of really being Kirby, accuses everyone of lying and boasts his 'ball team' has uncovered more super-seekrit information that will land us all in jail. He really doesn't add anything to the conversation we can't simulate for a lot less headache at this point, and anyone who wants to can visit his 20 vanity FB sites.....


Pufferton Detective #01
Jul 26, 2015
Hello Kiwis, I have returned with some updates.

I haven't posted in a while due to life and Laziness.

First, I purchased and have taken delivery of the G scale locomotive Len smashed up. It'll eventually be repaired and restored as the "Kiwi Express".
No, I don't know how long it will take.

Secondly, I'll post stories here and there as time permits.. But they are mostly the same Len shenanigans in a different setting.

Lastly, here's too 1000 pages.
You can't see it, but I am drinking to the success of operation "K".

Your friend and Drinking companion.

John Daker

That's Amore!
May 17, 2015
Right now there's a majority leaning towards not permabanning Shaner. I have some ideas based on the suggestions brought up here, so discuss.

1. Permaban Shaner, but don't IP ban him. He'll most likely make some socks though, so we can laugh at these socks getting banned. They'll get merged with the main account later too, but not immediately.
2. Put Shaner in the "Disruptive Guest Users" category, so that if he posts any dox/hyperlinks, these posts will be removed before they could be posted here publicly.
3. Ban Shaner, and the ban lasts for 1000 years.
2 is probably the most practical. Also, threadban the "notice me senpai" crowd for good measure.
The mods especially Null here actually dislike Shaner and rightfully so why (no chance of a subforum), but we do have a fan club for Shaner which is what we're close to have a Shaner subforum. Just join in and have fun. Fun fact: It's the group with the fourth most members.
I feel such pride right now :heart-full:

Jun 9, 2015
Len spotted today at his favorite railroad.


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Jun 24, 2014
I was at the Strasburg Railroad today and it was quite a scene (Steampunk Unlimited expo happening along with the usual runs). Very fun on a pretty fall day.

Also went to the railroad museum and marveled at the gorgeous restoration work.

Oh, whoops, I didn't say why this was on-topic for this thread. It's because I learned about these places here. They were lovely and Len-free.
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QT 219

Len spotted today at his favorite railroad.

Thats Andy Muller, owner of the railroad he is talking to. After Andy banned him I wonder why he is talking to Len.

Len is obviously trying to convince Andy to unban him because he's taking up "Therapeutic Ballerina Gymnastics" to deal with his anger issues. That or he's describing the size of the dragon dildo he sat on the night previous.
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