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Celebrity Leslie Jones

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by CatParty, Jul 18, 2016.

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  1. God that's terrible.
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  2. Good god she is unfunny.
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  3. So the point of the sketch (which is ostensibly about defending her, or at least addressing what happened) is that it was her own damn fault, and that she has no idea how to use the internet?

    It's nice to know that the SNL writers have their own personal lolcow.
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    Handsome Pete

    Handsome Pete If you need me, I'm probably in Movie Night
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  4. I like that it pretty much made her out to be an exceptional individual. Might've been funny if it was someone else playing her.
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    Lackadaisy W W W (dot) internet (dot) C O M

  5. Yeah, I guess that was the point of this whole thing. They're aware of people thinking she probably just wasn't very careful with her nude pics etc so now she/they are all 'ohhh, we're totally in on it. Look, we're making fun of her being a idiot when it comes to computer and interwebz stuff!! Therefore it can't be true. Because she wouldn't make fun it if it were true!'
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    pozilei I eat insecurities for breakfast

  6. Nelson's just living the gimmick now, isn't that the punchline now that it's not too soon anymore, or is it still too soon?

    I watch so much live sports that I can't help but see the insurance commercial an estimated 10,000 times before 2017 begins at this rate. :cryblood:.
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    Very Honest Content

    Very Honest Content (Formerly a) Niggo(?)

  7. "Who are you?"
    -"Tha' hurz. Leslee Jonz. ASSANAL!"
    *canned laughter and clapping*

    Seriously, that's what passes for a "punchline" on SNL these days?
    Also, that "Bustin' makes me feel goo-hoo-hood" scene made me recoil in terror. Damn, she's got a nasty face and mimic.
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    RomanesEuntDomus Ask me about DIN Standards

  8. upload_2016-10-4_12-49-51.png

    lol leslie has beef with blm



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    CatParty Boo
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  9. "And what you doing right now but bitching!"

    I heard the hoodrat accent while reading that.
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  10. Yes, humor and wisdom are definitely the words I'd use, and not "somehow even stupider than the idiots using low-grade Harambe memes"
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    MarineTrainedTard Pepper Jack 'bout to cut somebody!

  11. She stop eating spinach yet has an undying love for kale? Disgusting.
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    DerSandstrom Gendergaseous Peter-pansexual

  12. [​IMG]

    The smartest tweet she's ever posted.
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    trombonista Becky With the Good Fruit
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  13. Anyone who takes one look at that bitch and this tweet knows she misspelled "potato"
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    Internet War Criminal

    Internet War Criminal Making America Great Again, One Lift at the Time
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  14. ftfy
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    ZehnBoat #054

  15. She might just be the most unattractive human being on the planet at this moment and I say that with total seriousness.
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  16. You can tell when someone doesn't have access to the Phil forum.
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  17. FatFuckingClown

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    Xerxes IX

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  19. Guess who got quoted in Entertainment Weekly again?

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    trombonista Becky With the Good Fruit
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  20. Not living under bridges?

    Seriously, what does that even mean?
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    HinRai The Truest of Scum
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