Celebrity Leslie Jones -

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Please, call me Mantis.
i dont know why youd want to imagine what leslie jones is like in the sack, especially since weve seen the nudes, but whatever, its a step up from underage sewer orgies so by all means
I have not seen the nudes and I intend to stay that way. Bitch has a wide as fuck nose. Doing cocaine with her would be a bad idea.
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Conversation about Leslie Jones I had with my dad ...

Me: "When I went to the movies a few months ago, a trailer for the new Angry Birds movie was shown. There was a character talking all throughout the trailer, and then when Leslie Jones' name came up in the credits, I almost burst out laughing. I honestly thought that bird was voiced by a MAN until I saw her name."

My Dad: "I took [insert family member's name here] to see that movie last weekend. That character was voiced by a woman?!"