Skitzocow Leslie Williams / Higgins Williams / GangstalkerHarrassMe / exposing sandiego/ LionofJudah Israel - Paranoid Homeless Lady uploads gangstalking videos at McDonalds

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Now this is some weird shit. This is Leslie Williams, at least that's who she claims to be. I just refer to her as Grandma Leslie.

Grandma Leslie is a homeless woman living around the San Diego area. She tends to move around quite a bit so her whereabouts are questionable at best. She may suffer from a form of schizophrenia and claims she is actively being gangstalked every day, which is why she is always on the move. Leslie also often refers to herself as learning disabled quite a few times.

I came across Leslie years ago while watching crazies rant about gangstalking. I decided to track her down again and to my surprise she is still alive and kicking.

Like her IRL lifestyle, moving from place to place, this can be applied to her online life as well. She has a ton of YouTube accounts. She seems to change her Youtube account every 6 months or so. Even then she’ll sometimes go back to an older one. The oldest one I’ve found goes back about 6 years ago.

This is a list of channels I’ve found so far, I will put the corresponding age of the channel as well:

1. AssaultMTS (5-6 years ago) - Archive

2. Gangstalkingtactics (5 years ago) - Archive

3. exposesocialservices (8 months – 4 years ago) - Archive

4. exposingdpd3 (3-4 years ago) - Archive

5. exposingpolice1 (2-4 years ago) - Archive

6. avatar darpa (3 years ago) - Archive

7. exposingdpd1 (2-5 years ago) - Archive

8. exposing sandiego (1-5 years ago) - Archive

9. exposingsandiego2 (4 years ago) - Archive

10. LionofJudah Israel (1-3 years ago) - Archive

11. GangstalkerHarrassMe (5 years ago) - Archive

and the one she seems to be using currently:

Higgins Williams - Archive

Grandma Leslie seems to upload when she can get free Wifi at a McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. A lot of her videos fall into 3 categories. Filming strangers she believes are harassing her, videos in her tent explaining herself, and finally "evidence" videos. She does have an affinity for making “comedy videos” though.

Here is a sample of the over 10 accounts of madness no one is watching:

She seems to have had an eye infection recently. This was taken about 3 weeks ago:

On top of this I have found a few social media accounts and her website:
Twitter - A lot of random retweets but she does go live from time to time - Archive
Instagram - Archives a lot of her own tweets and videos
Website - Just lines and lines of updates and links - Archive

This is one of these cases where I am genuinely worried about the person but there isn’t much anyone can do except watch. She very rarely interacts with anyone online. If you comment, she won't comment back.

As far as archiving her videos, that's a lot to handle. One of her channels has over 1000 videos.

If you find any interesting videos, feel free to post. There is a lot to look at.
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I've never really understood why people who claim to be gangstalked seem to constantly be out in public (yeah I know she's homeless but still) and recording their every movement and activity. Is it because they want to be gangstalked? Desire to be important?

>Complains about being gangstalked constantly
>Now has a thread on Kiwi Farms
play stupid games win stupid prizes


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
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I've never really understood why people who claim to be gangstalked seem to constantly be out in public (yeah I know she's homeless but still) and recording their every movement and activity. Is it because they want to be gangstalked? Desire to be important?

Desperate to prove it's true.


Viva la constipacion!
"I believe people are stalking me on a local level in order to interfere with my life, so I've decided to extensively document my activities and put them on YouTube, a public platform where anyone who knows my name can see it. This will make it harder for gangstalkers to do anything."


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Schizophrenia is a helluva drug. I do feel bad for her, in the way that I feel bad for all floridly psychotic people living on the streets. It’s interesting to get a glimpse into their life and mind;usually you just walk past them fast as possible while they mumble and point at you.

I wonder what her background was before the psychosis hit? Schizophrenia usually starts in late teens, early 20s so some people have started lives and careers before they get derailed.

With the loss of teeth I thought that meth was the cause of her deterioration, but it could just be the homeless lifestyle. I wonder if she has kids out there?

Good find OP.

Found some more interesting videos:

In this episode of Grandma Higgins she is discussing her plans to foil the gangstalkers by setting up several different locations in this park she is living in. Date March 2014. - Goes to a city council meeting with a shirt that has the words "I was sexually harrassed" on it. There isn't a clear shot of it to read the rest. Also March 2014.

Good ole' fashion paranoia - June 2013

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