Let's Go Outside!!! - 05/29/19

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Aug 28, 2018
So when she walks she doesn't have any jiggle or give..

WTF is wrong with her body that despite being that fat, she has no give? Is that just the fluid build up or is she like, a giant tumor? I don't really understand this fucked up thing I am seeing in the gif. Other deathfats I've seen walk are like jiggling in all directions for an eternity with each step..but her body is like refusing to move properly.


destroy them with lazers
Nov 23, 2018
She made...an entire video...about going out her front door....

I'm done

ETA: I took this screenshot of Twinkie because I'm in shock at how sick she looks

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Mar 15, 2019
Ooh, look at that dainty thigh gap.
When I dream about finally having a thigh gap, I just remind myself that there are dainty gorls out there without so much as a shin gap and it really helps me count my blessings.

Seriously Amber, you have layyg pain because the ten gallons of wet cement in your limbs is hardening. I don’t know your body situation but clearly neither do you. Your body is beyond anyone’s comprehension at this point, please see a doctor.