LET’S GO SWIMMING!!!!! - 8/7/2019 (Day 50 of this 100-Day Nightmare) - we're halfway done, y'all!



LET’S GO SWIMMING!!!!! - 8/7/2019 (Day 50 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- We start off in a CAR? (No longer part of the "VACATION SITUATION SAGA"? Left the hotel 30 minutes ago, so this is the boring ass content of them on their way BACK. Betting right now there's door-beeping gas station footage.)

- Hamber is not looking forward to the car ride because of "anxietee issues".

- She misses the "fur babeez".

- They like to "help" the cleanup crew by removing the sheets and bedding. (So, making a bigger mess by piling the bedding on the floor - as that's the only place other than the bed where bedding would wind up.)

- Hamber took note of the bed's make/model because she wasn't in pain sleeping on it. She has pain sleeping on her bed at home. (HAS to be the bed, can't be her 600 elbees at all. The bed, like most things she touches, has likely also given up on life. It's a pretty fucking recurring theme here, gorl.)

- "I'm not in the mood to eat." (Internet rolls its eyes collectively)

- "I have ate like a crazy person this weekend." (Internet waits for August 9th when the 'what I ate on vacay' video is supposedly coming out, per Hamber's Twitter.)


- "We decided to stop and get us some food." (Guess her mood/appetite improved...)

- SUSHI MOOKBONG? No, just a quick shot of the Spicy California Roll and Shrimp Avocado Roll. (Tough luck, feeders!)


- Twinkie Storr is breathing heavily out of excitement - or due to being overweight. Either way.


- Close up of NeckyFeet as Necky is prepping to go to the pool.

- "I'm about to try and get in the pool. We'll see." (Still a lah when it comes to her getting in and out of the pool "like a normal person" per previous Twitter comments)

- That poor can of sunscreen. Even with the clothing she's clearly going to wear in the pool, that's a LOT of surface area it needs to tackle, and definitely needs Necky's help to get those areas covered.


- Necky can enter the pool "like a normal person". But cannot sit on a floaty chair "like a normal person" as it sinks sadly.

- Hamber needs a visual instruction of "how to get out of a pool". Hamber is doubtful that her leeyyyygs can lift that much.

- No visual confirmation of how Hamber entered the pool, but she is in now, squealing like a moron as she remembers the sensation of being wet. Admittedly, she "fell" into the pool, as her balance is non-existent, for the most part.

- Hilariously-loud lispy narration and commentary from Eric. 40 total seconds of Hamber in a Pool footage.

- No visual confirmation of how Hamber exited the pool, but she is out now.

- BeetusPaws remain, despite clearly having been wet and in the pool. Not at all a dirt situation, gorls.

- Hamber got exercise by SWEEMEEN! But "mostly chilled"...

- Eric bought Hamber some soaps.

- "One of my most favorite smells is eucalyptus." (Internet collectively shouts jokes about what she NORMALLY smells like) Then counters that by saying her "most favorite smell" is "Vicks Vapo-Rub", which is menthol, not eucalyptus.

- THE BRA IS BACK. They played Mario Party. Literally nobody gives a shit.

- Next day. Same shitty bra and top is seen. Forgot to end the vlog last night but at least remembered before "editing" and posting a WHOOPS!

- BED IS BAD. HAMBER SAD. (It, like Necky, is fucking sick and tired of supporting your massive girth and lifestyle. Tailbone pain is the bed passive-aggressively commenting in your video, Hamber.)

TL;DR: 40 seconds of swimming and we don't get to see her entering/exiting the pool, so not worth watching if you were hoping to see that. Hamber also now hates her dying bed.

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If there was any doubt that she looked like a MSHPL patient before now......

Here's the swimming part for people who don't want to sit through the whole thing:
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Contents of this video:

“I’m not hungry.” “*transitions to giant plate of sushi*

Constant shading by Mumbles and passive aggression from Hamber

Braless wet t-shirt only it’s the Necktard

“Becky show us how YOU get in and out of the pool”

Suddenly Amber’s bed is made of iron spikes and wire, ends the vlog complaining about it


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Suddenly Amber’s bed is made of iron spikes and wire, ends the vlog complaining about it
The funny thing about that is that she likely just needs a new mattress in general - they wear out faster than most people realize, and she's like 4x normal human weight - but she was so impressed by her hotel's mattress (likely newer and not worn out) that she wants to get literally the same brand.