Let's Make a Kiwi Farms Gay Music Album for Faggots - AKA Josh AIDS

Is this a good idea?

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You're a faggot Harry
I made music in the past and still have many programs that I used to make both video game and regular music with

I be more than willing to help out knowing what kind of tone each song is going for


Yeet, or be yote.
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Well I'm a punk/thrash/whatever bassist. Rusty as hell but I'll pick it up again for kiwi purposes. Can't read or write music, but I can play fast and loud and keep excellent rhythm and improvise if needed. Think Dee Dee Ramone or similar.

Currently in the process of buying stuff to plug my bass into my PC. I'm up for anything I can be of help with. Can do basic 3-chord rhythm guitar too. Or just play distorted crunchy rhythm guitar parts on bass like I was known for.

Possibly could sing, not sure how good I am as I always sang backup, but some of my favorite songs have shitty vocals anyway so it's not a big deal.

I'm pretty excellent at writing and collaborating on parodies, especially when it comes to fitting the beat of the original song.

Ideally I'd love to do punk covers of Russ Greer's tween pop garbage, and other songs written by the lolcows themselves, though being a big fan of /v/ the musical I'd be up for just doing karaoke style parodies too. Anyone got any recommendations for a halfway decent mic to use for recording on my PC?


Who are you to wave your finger?
I think your potato equipment would be perfect and add that extra layer of faggotry
Oh, I know, that's the aesthetic of shit, but let's just say I don't own a bass, decent means to record acoustic drums, no external audio card and no experience of mixing. So it's not even a full potato, it's like an exceptional half-a-potato. An dream is alive though.

Gordon Cole

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I could arrange some stuff with a guitar and a drum machine, just nothing to record them with. :c


jacinda bigmouth bigpussy horseface ardern
must do salt n pepa cover of push it. with full sissy lisp but whispy mournful babyvoice and orchestral choir black man rap interlude. casio keyboard and floss dancing and twerking with bleach blonde nig nog trannies in hot pink lippy il be creative director ok


I like this idea. I make 2 different types of music, sample-based hip hop without lyrics, because I can't rap good, and electronic music using synths. I am not sure of exact numbers of tracks I've made but it's way more than 100 (between both original and sampled work).
Shit, this sounds like something I'm down with.
Occasionally I make music (with software rather than actual recording), mostly somewhere in the lo-fi/post-rock area.
I'll keep my eye on this thread.


Orange Chicken Bad. Cheeto Amber.
Any ideas on the band name? We could go in any direction.

The JY Tampon Machines
600 pound lies
The Flobby Bobbies
4th of Julay
The Deagle Nation
The Dark Syde of the Gout
The Lubby Chudders

The list could go on forever

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