Let's make a list of oppressive things we've all suffered for being straight white men -


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In my country, I'm part of an ethnic minority which legally has less rights than the majority. Nobody cares because we're also ethnically white and modern civil rights movements largely are concerned with Americanised social justice issues. The political right-wing hate me and the political left-wing care more about trannies.


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Getting exasperated and lashing out over something that silly doesn't sound much like funposting.

It sounds much more like careposting.
You are unworthy of my funposts, little abo. You are as unworthy as this thread is blatantly homosexual.
How about this?

Months after applying to a graduate program at UCLA, I learned that they had a scandal that they were just throwing applications in the trash based entirely on their diversity statements. Would look at that, then either can it or not.

So, how do I know I was or wasn’t rejected from there based on racial discrimination? I can’t tell. Most of the time you can’t tell with affirmative action. To me that’s worse than a No Cracker Need Apply sign, because they can hide what they do, make it so you’re never sure if it’s real.


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My lived perspective not being fully appreciated, respected that being a 'nigger' is a behavior and not a skin color.


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It's the monthly privilege checks that bother me the most. Nothing more disrespectful than free money for being white. Like I can't figure out how to exploit some minorities in my own time.


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I got some more.

Im expected to be quiet at the theaters.
I can't steal everything
I'm not handed a welfare check just for existing
I can't eat garbage food and claim its my heritage
I'm expected to maintain civilization

Its rough out there. Hang in there fellow yt
Must not be from the south. Take that one off my list, please.

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The church I am part of is derided as an antiquated instrument of oppression, even though it was and still is the largest charity in the world, bringing education, healthcare and food to millions if not billions. A community of humbleness and kindness for which I have mostly boring but still fond memories of, is made out to be a community of abusers, exploiters and monsters.
Then stop being a cuck and go back to being the monster they feared. If you're going to be accused for a crime you might as well do it. I'm not white and I've to say seeing whites cucking themselves to death its just lame. Also because you fucks became such wimps now the chinks are taking over the planet and they are a billion times worse than you ever were
This is because progressive policies have to look good instead of being good.
Thats retarded, that kind of faux-progressiveness its done purely for money. All those corporations doing woke shit do it for money, its free publicity and the normie drones buy their shit while looking away from all the human rights issues from the sweatshops making that shit. Unis get to make billions off bullshit degrees and studies all funded by tax payers. NGOs and charities are nothing but massive tax loopholes for the top 0.1%. Woke has been a godsend for an entertainment industry thats been devoid of ideas and creatively bankrupt for over a decade but now gets to bully viewers into paying for boring shit or fear the ire of the woke mob for not liking "pimp my 5yo tranny son"

Take all that away and the overton window will shift faster than a libertarian when shown a hospital bill. The true believers of progressive bullshit are a minority within a minority. Even the og leftists thought this woke shit was degenerate bourgeois crap.