Lets make baguette - Going on an adventure.


Figured since I have to go to the trouble to make bread thanks to all the boomers clearing the stores of the manufactured variety I would go all out and try and make actual french baguette. Never done this before. Sure to end in failure.

Following the King Arthur flour recipe.

Already hit a snag. I dont have any way to measure 1/16th of a teaspoon of yeast. Eh i will eye ball it. What can go wrong.

Pretty sure I used too much. Oh well. It's pretty cold so I am gonna roll the dice on activating the yeast. Added a few drops of maple syrup. Yeast looks happy in the water now. Added the 1 cup of flour.

This is the result.


Looks and smells pretty good for the prep ball. Added a couple drops of warm water on top and have said a prayer to the gods. Gonna cover it overnight. Story will continue in the morning....


I've made my own bread with a bread maker a couple of times. Mostly just followed the recipes that came in the little book that came with the machine, and it usually came out pretty well.... except for this one time I tried to make bread with meat in it...

Good luck with your dough!


Flipped the dough and slowly pressed it down. A nice and satisfying release of air. Its also exhaling water vapor too, all good signs. All good signs. At a minimum I have good dough. Will it make baguette? No idea.

Anointed it with some more warm water and and a prayer. So that makes the three times. Blessed trinity preserve the bread.

Now we wait another hour.


Now I need to find where I stuck my cast iron skillet. Gonna be interesting to try baking with a steam bath. Never tried this method before.

1 hour later

They are almost perfect holy shit. All that praying worked I am sure. Now we wait 15 minutes.


15 minutes later.

Nothing left to do but wait another hour, heat up the oven and pray. Presently doing the stages of the cross with a censor of incense around my oven. Worried my amateur seams are gonna explode come baking time. Hold my hand fellow kiwis.


1 hour later.

They dont look quite proofed enough. We going 15 minutes into overtime. Oven holding at 450....

Made a rice bowl while i wait....


And no....no....the time is still not quite right. Another 5 minutes! (I am literally watching bread rise)

We are going in! 20 minutes on the clock! Just dumped the boiling water into the cast iron pan. Full on steam explosion! Fire alarms have gone off! Its pandemonium!


Gonna eat my rice bowl now.

15 min later.

Oh man my kitchen now has that baked bread smell. Very good sign. If I actually pulled this off on the first go I will be super stoked. Strongly resisting urge to crack open the oven....
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