Let's Sperg Let's Play XCOM UFO Defense (Completed) - Heavy casualties expected.


We have all the time in the world.
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XCOM: UFO Defense (also published as UFO: Enemy Unknown) is a 1994 isometric turn-based strategy game where you play an underfunded organization that has the goal of stopping the alien infiltration of Earth. You start out with mostly conventional weapons against an alien army with superior technology. Your soldiers are almost worthless nobodies expected to die en masse on the first few missions. However, soldiers improve with experience, and research will eventually help you close the technology gap enough to assault the alien base on Mars and win the game.


I will be using the OpenXcom port with the modern UFOExtender functions (OpenXCom EX) as the game runs much smoother on modern operating systems and has a number of quality of life improvements such as accuracy percentages and time unit counts. I’ll only be playing on difficulty 2 however. I’m not actually that good at this game and it’s been awhile.

Why is it autistic?
A: Just look at it man.

Where do we come in?
A: The life of the average XCOM soldier is short. Anyone who wants to be an XCOM trooper, just say so in the thread and I’ll add people to the list of names in the order I see them. The gender, nationality and starting stats of the soldier you get named after you will be completely random. Glory awaits those who survive 2-3 missions.

People will only get an @ when their name is applied to a soldier, and when/if said soldier dies, to prevent this thread from spamming people’s notifications. I will also @ you on the rare occasion you get promoted to the highest rank.

How many names do you think you will need?
A: My last vanilla game had 250+ casualties.

What’s the victory condition?
A: Do not have negative funding for 2 months in a row. Do not allow more than 10 or so nations to fall to the alien menace. Research the most advanced craft and assault the alien base on Cydonia, Mars.

What happens if we lose?

Will you be save scumming?
A: At my leisure, but only if something extremely bad happens.

Will you play Terror From the Deep after this?
A: I doubt it.

How often will you update?
A: Depending on the level of interest perhaps once a week, or at least once every two weeks. :optimistic:

Isn't there another thread on this already?
A: Its three years old and the person who made it was banned so I figure this is fair game again.

Where can I get it?
OpenXCOM: https://openxcom.org/git-builds/
OpenXCOM EX: https://openxcom.org/forum/index.php/topic,6586.0.html
You will need a copy of the original UFO Defense though. Go torrent it yourself, the game is only as old as I am.

General Discussion thread for the series on KF:

UFOpaedia Wiki: The definitive resource for all three of the original XCOM games, their remakes, *some* of the various modifications out there, as well as oldschool tools like Xcomutil and UFO Extender. Amusingly, this is your first result if you punch "ufopedia wiki" into a search engine, not the site that catalogs UFO sightings.

XCOM Trilogy UFOpedia at Chaotic Signal: A simple web page that hosts an interactive version of the in-game UFOpedias from all three games. The UFO Defense one obviously contains spoilers for this thread.

XCOMUFO.com: Oldschool resource for the original three games that still has some neat stuff.

1d4Chan's Page on XCOM: Dated for sure, but provides a good overview.

OpenXcom Forums: Contains all resources and discussion for OpenXcom and its many, many mods.

OpenXcom Mod.io Portal: Alternate and more user-friendly mod portal than the forums. May or may not always be up to date compared to the forums though.

GuavaMoment's LPs: So you can see how the Something Awful goons handled this. This is the archetypical XCOM forum LP in my mind, I'm not aware of many others and the ones I do know about I haven't actually ever finished reading like the Spacebattles one. The games are done out of order though, its kind of confusing.

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LP concluded, volunteer in the next thread!


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Sign me up, Commander. You can just drop the 1066 to make it easier to type in, can't wait to die pointlessly and horribly for the good of the earth.

I've never been fantastic at this game either but even at lower difficulties I find it still will XCOM the hell out of your squads, you just have loads more resources to burn.


I am the people!
I volunteer for this chickenshit outfit. One condition though, I want to know what you general map clearing tactics are before psyonichs and blaster bombs.


We have all the time in the world.
I volunteer for this chickenshit outfit. One condition though, I want to know what you general map clearing tactics are before psyonichs and blaster bombs.
Advance slow and hope for the best. Smoke grenades are for pussies.

Judge Dredd

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Judge Dredd, reporting for duty.

I hope I live long enough to get power armour.

Can we suggest other people? Lolcows, internet people, etc. I have a list of people I'd like to see.

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