Let's quit smoking! - (screaming internally)

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I have been trying to taper off - especially to save money. I recognize I am lazy and use that to my advantage:

- Keep cigs in cabinet over sink. Need to get up to get them.
- Use small ashtray. Needs to be emptied more which requires getting up.
- Purposefully don't get ride to store to get more cigs when getting low, forcing self to walk a total of four blocks. Will put off as long as possible.

I also smoke Camel Lights 99's, so I can have a few puffs and use a snuffer to extinguish. Makes each cig last longer.

Best of luck to you!

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Should probably quit. Been meaning to do so for years. How do you all cope with no longer getting any sort of break at work, if you don't smoke?
Stay strong. I heard it gets easier.
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You're gonna miss that nutritive and refreshing kiss of the Aztec Gods down your gullet this cold winter.

True and honest question: How fat are you.
You talk about walking four blocks like it's a disproportionate amount of effort. Taking the car for that sounds like a disproportionate amount of laziness.
Your carbon footprint must be the size of Texas.
LOL no, I was 116 lbs. at 5'9" all through my life until menopause now I'm more like
130 at 53 years old
. Sorry!
I have to laugh because I've always been told to eat a damn cheeseburger.

Also I walk everywhere, sorry I didn't specify that. When I say lazy, I mean when I am not doing other things, aka downtime. I do NOT want to get up every time I want a cigarette when I am on downtime and having the pack and ashtray right on the table makes it too easy. See it in the context in which it was meant: "what would you do for a cigarette right now?" I find it helpful to make it a tad more difficult to indulge, and bundling up to walk four blocks is something I'd do if I'm out of milk for the morning coffee, not solely for a pack of cigs. YMMV.
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