Lets talks | live stream 001 - Shes doing her makeup again

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We wouldn't want this footage to be lost, now wouldn't we.



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She said she has a CT scan scheduled. Yeah...okay. :optimistic:
lol I'm imagining the CT scan hole completely plugged by our gorl with fat squishing out all around her dainty feet sticking out.

This tubbo barely fits, imagine our GORL! (ok I cheated, I think this is an MRI hole, close enough) :P


I'm shocked the livestream is still currently up on her Youtube channel. It's so boring, I've skipped most of it, it was just Becky for nearly an hour by herself.

Most shocking admission from the Livestream is that Becky has never been to a concert. AL's been to TONS of concerts, her favorites are e40, Too Short, and Brett Michaels, girl what??? Those were your favorites??

Doctorlynn is in the house, she no longer thinks she has cancer; she's never been retested or gotten another scan; but she's cancer free y'all!! Even the oncologist said she's cancer free without getting another scan done??? WTF.

I'm tapping out, where are the cats?? We haven't seen them in forever. Are they still there? Are they alive?

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I'm shocked the livestream is still currently up on her Youtube channel. It's so boring, I've skipped most of it, it was just Becky for nearly an hour by herself.
Her regular vids have been so boring you can tell that she is completely out of ideas for them anymore so she's trying to cash in with lazy live streams a la Chantal. She probably also saw the Virginlynn vs Chadtal infographic from last week's MATI stream and is leaving the stream up just to try to counter it a little bit.

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I just watched as much as I could of this.. Between Big Al's constant screeching and hogtied squealing and poor Twinkie, I had to tap out. This shit is not funny... it's so fucking obvious the dog is uncomfortable and terrified and wanted to get away from the Ham, and you can actually see her try to low-key forcibly clutch onto Twinkie as she tries to get away.. and even in the chat they called her out to let Twinkie go, and she doubles down and grabs Twinkie again and screeches into the dog's face about how Twinkie loves her

This shit made me feel bad. I could barely even enjoy these freeze-frames on the Thumb

Cuntlynn doesn't even begin to describe her right now. She's unwatchable but the most dumbfounding, mindfuck in all this is all her super chats and 'fans' constantly telling her how gorgeous and amazing she is. If she's this cunty and unbearable, her methy trash genetics out on full display, for how many fans she has, that's how many cunty retards there are in this world. Considering even one existing is too many, I'm astounded by what I saw in this stream

But I can give credit where credit is due - I'm thoroughly impressed with how well-trained she's gotten her thumb to be. Did she hire a professional tard wrangler/trainer or something? Maybe she cut the purse strings for X many weeks the thumb was 'missing' and it scared her straight. No more being able to sleep in, having only to wake about mid afternoon to wipe and feed her 600lbs toddler.. no more hats and band tee's from Spencer's... it was a cold reality and the thumb realized she needed to earn her room and board

Seriously though, I think that the time she was 'missing' they were actually going through a separation period. No Neck Beck took a shower and combed her hair and put herself out on whatever Les Bos Tinder dating app.. Big Al filtered the shit out of a 4 year old pic and she too put herself on the app

It terrified the absolute shit out of them. They realized they were rancid pastes of ground beef, forgotten and left to mold in the back of the freezer, who had no business at all in the meat market, and it reinvigorated a kind of desperate commitment and cooperation between them. There's nothing quite like building a relationship on a foundation of 'no one else would have me' and so, we were graced tonight with their best performance of their 'love' yet

What a beautiful little family

Does anyone else think Becky's mouth is moving kinda weird ??? It looks like she's numb on one side like from Novocain. Or maybe she's having a stroke
This has always irritated me to no end. I tried looking for more on what's wrong with her mouth, why is her face always lopsided but it seemed no one else was really as agitated as I was, so there wasn't much I could find. Other than apparently maybe her face has been crooked since a car accident when she was in high school? But yeah, I think on some level it bothers me because all joking aside, it really seems like Hamber is taking advantage of a mentally handicapped person, which is morally wrong.. so when I see her talk with her lopsided mouth, it just makes that imagery too real and I feel uncomfortable from an ethical standpoint
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