let's write a south park script -


everyone knows South Park is honestly so formulaic and unfunny and even retards like us can write a better script nowadays.
Cartman: (un clever jew joke)
Kyle; shut up fatass
randy: (does something stupid)
kenny: (dies)
stan: (cries)
towns people riot
and don't forget to add a joke that gets beaten into the ground for the entire season
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Panthera Rosea

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Cartman: Kyle, ur gay.
Kyle; Ur fat.
Cartman; Ur a Jew.
Kyle: Shut the fuck up.
Cartman: No, you stupid Jew. There's a reason why the Holocaust happened and it's because of Jews like you.
Kenny; *Mumbles
Kyle: Fuck you, Cartman!
Stan: Will you all just shut the fuck up? It's rather crude to sit here like this and just call each other names.
Cartman: Oh my god Stan, you're such a faggot. Go die in a hole.


Open on Randy's house.

Randy receives a spam call in Chinese.

Randy yells back, "Knee how!? Knee how!?"

Scam call in Chinese continues.

Sharon demands to know what the hell is wrong.

Randy throws phone against wall.

Meanwhile, across town, the same thing happens to Mrs. Garrison.

Randy decides to drive to the Chinese consulate.

While he's on the highway, he's driven off the road by the owner of City Wok.

Randy deploys a sword.

They decide to negotiate, and team up.

The car trip continues.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Mrs. Garrison gets on a train on a similar mission.

Episode to be continued in Part 2.

Meanwhile, Emperor Xi and the CCP are plotting....

Until next time!

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Episode idea: during the pandemic lockdown,Butters or Tweek end up using their parents credit card to donate to some Twitch streamer. Refunds and chargebacks in high amounts.
Butters would end up liking a Raisins thot, Tweek would probably be into really weird asmr shit.
Some kind of fuckery would involve said thot and maybe a Hasan standin visiting South Park.
Somehow Randy stole even more money just to have stupid tts messages promoting Tegridy farms weed.
Side plot would be Cartman trying to be like Dr Disrespect.
Kenny's death would be from jizzing on a motherboard
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Story aspect 1: basic social issue
Story aspect 2 going deeper: subverting expectations
Story aspect 3: hidden crap only one of (((them))) would get
Story aspect 4: ?????????
Story aspect 5: profit while pretending to be allies of republicans ad libertarians
Story aspect 6: go home and bone your ugly ass wife

Jeff Heaney

I get the feeling some people haven't watched South Park since 1999.

Earlier on it was.

when, specifically? if you mention the first three seasons I'll fite u

Modern South Park is flawed but ultimately MUCH better than modern Simpsons/Family Guy. The seasons between 2003 and 2010 or so are pure gold, and there's plenty of gems after that, too.


I’d honestly rather watch modern family guy because at least they don’t have politics in every episode, and is self aware. But honestly South Park and family guy nowadays are of course more entertaining than boring new Simpson’s. But the old versions of all of these shows are classics


Premise: Butters wins a sweepstakes vacation off of Tik-Tok to a fantasy dream island. Subplot involves Kyle having his Bat Mitzvah and Stan, feeling like he's losing his best friend because Kyle is forced to study Torah so much, slips further and further into social media addiction loops, becoming narcissistic, irritable and callous. Butters lands in the airport and walks out of the entrance with his bags as the camera pans back to reveal Epstein's temple. Stan treats social media like heroine, revealing the mirrored reality between social media addiction and drug addiction; how a friend's helping hand, or a traumatic event, can greatly impact someone's want to take up shitty addictions. Kyle is ancillary in this episode. Butters is being escorted past all the well-sighted Epstein hangouts, with all the crowd, from Bill and his wife talking to Mr. Jefferson in the gazebo, a tattoo-covered Gates in the pool with 2 girls by him, Garrison talking to Prince Andrew by the grill, to Steven Hawking wheeling around with a lampshade on his head while the crowd cheers him on. Meanwhile, with Cartman growing increasingly jealous of Butters, with no other intent than to sabotage his fun, digs up research on Epstein and sends it to the FBI. Chris Christie, wearing a bull mask, busts out of an underground hatch and chases Butters around, as the crowd once again cheers. An FBI agent breaks into Epstein's temple, just as Christie corners Butters and is about to bear down on him, and agents start propelling down from helicopters and beating the pedophile elite into submission, except for Hawking who, unable to conform with commands, is beaten mercilessly about the skull by a particularly zealous agent. Kyle says he learned something today and starts speaking Yiddish.
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