LGBT+ Disavowals - From Oger to the broader gay community, everyone hates Jonny.


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Welcome to LGBT+ disavowals, the thread for LGBT meltdowns/No True Tranny fallacies over Jonathan's troonshielding antics.

One of the most publicly salient aspects of Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv is his demand for being called a woman, yet making zero effort to pass as one. Is he actually trans? Some may say no; however, thanks to Canada's self-ID law, she can say whatever the fuck he wants!

:disagree: Disavowed: Morgraine Oger's JY stance.
Formerly a troonshield for JY, Oger only disavowed JY once Oger managed to coax victims into graphically detailing all the bullshit that child predator/tampon enthusiast Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv exposed them to.

Blog Post // Archive // Oger's thread

:?: Disa..ppointed: /r/asktransgender mod's official stance on the situation: he's a gross pedophile, but still a true and honest transwoman

/r/asktransgender, the tip of the iceberg for reddit’s autogynophiles, has a thread on jonathan “Jessica” yaniv


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THE ANGRY DYKES WARNED YOU GUYS and now the thing that was never gonna happen is happening! Also LOL at tinfoil hat terven conspiracy

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Gotta do the angry it is a LADYDICK screeching. And btw if you get a dick inversion your necro-labia are still made out of deflated ballsack.

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In canada it's self-id so whatever Jon says is the final answer, 'ladies'
Ah fuck it every single comment in there is a gold mine, dig in!
suggested sites for trawling:
Susan's place

LGBT subreddits quickly censor topics on JY. instructions and suggestions for how to archive from reddit:
-Navigate to a reddit page of interest.
-Copy and paste the link into
-Before pressing save, replace the ‘r’ in reddit with a ‘c’.
-Your link should now read
-click save

Why do it like this? The reasons are twofold:
-using the ceddit link recovers comments and OPs removes by reddit moderators, often uncovering the most hilarious gems
-it also unfucks the stupid new UI reddit pushed out that screws up archival tools.

Why isn’t ceddit enough? Ceddit will intentionally remove comments removed by the users themselves. Eg if an OP deleted a post in shame, ceddit scrubs it as well.
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Probably because if the trans community openly condemns Yaniv for being a creeper hiding behind the LGBT identity, most of the community would also be in the line of fire.

I am actually surprised he's gotten any backlash at all considering how many batshit insane people have been playing the same game publicly for years.

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I'm genuinely shocked /r/asktransgender seems to be overwhelmingly against this guy. Those dudes are crazy deep into troon ideology. Watching trannies get peak transed is some amazing shit.

Although of course by the time I posted this comment the askTG janitors had deleted the thread and all the anti-JY comments lmfao


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Came here to post her video. I really hope the community being overwhelmingly against this guy (even beyond Blaire whos infamously contradictory to the leftie troon psyche already) sheds a light on these predators posing as part of the oppressed fringes of society. I can name a few fuckers like this that I know IRL who have tried to seduce/shame me into fucking around with them. Trying to do this to children is a totally different story and the fact that any tribunal or court would allow this goof to walk into their buildings and not arrest him is mindblowing.

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Disavowed: /r/truscum says He's Not A True Troon

Background: 'truscum' are members of the trans community that believe you must have Real Dysphoria to be a Real Trans. The opposite of this would be the tucutes, who believe in zero gatekeeping whatsoever :tomgirl: what up pedos

lol now I know why all the trannies on reddit hate Truscum so much. They're the only ones that are mostly sane (I say mostly because all of them are mentally ill by default)

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A black? trans woman? from Surrey. Sounds like Cassandra's chased off this Jamie Lee Hamilton as well.
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She's right that JY is doing severe damage to the trans community. And it's not just JY who is at fault here, but Morgane Oger and every other trans person who decided in the beginning to support JY, disregarding all the pedo shit that was already readily available, just because JY called himself trans. I don't believe for a single second that JY is trans, he just found a grift and is grifting.