Culture LGBT issues should be taught in every subject, campaign group says -

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The answer is always "porn."
I'm a little astonished that when push comes to shove trannies come before Muslims. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out for the Anglos once the caliphate is expanded to the British Isles.
Back when this first hit the news, I called it for the trannies.

They don't think Muslims really believe in Islam, because they don't think anyone really believes in religion at all. They assume Islam will as malleable as Christianity, in the face of the decadent technical wonders of Western modernity.

All signs point to them being right.
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Once again, this England shows their utter unworthiness of the sacrifices the UK as a whole made to win the Second World War. This England would have begged, not asked, for an armistice right after Dunkirk.

LGBT values shouldn't be taught ANYWHERE. School should be a place where you learn facts and how to be able to draw your own conclusions by thinking for yourself. To that extent, school needs to be as "non-partisan" as possible.


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I’m from one of the later generations in canuckistan, and I can tell you first hand: making people learn about oppression in everything make them hate it. I do not know a since person born post 1995 that feels any sympathy for the natives anymore (unless they’re native themselves.) This is going to backfire spectacularly, and I cannot wait.

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Ya know, I don't have a problem with a group of people wanting the rights they deserve. But leave the fucking children out of the ropes. When I was a kid, all I had to worry about was what I was getting for dinner that night and what episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was gonna premier. I didn't have to worry about some god damn rights group! And that's how it should be! Children shouldn't have to worry about this shit!

Ironic how they tell us to stop brainwashing our children while they're tryna teach 5 year olds about penises going into male asses and having it be okay because it's gay pride.


will definitely consider what you have said
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Yeah, a big no on the "never talk about LGBT stuff in school reeeee" argument.

I grew up when Section 28 was still in force. This was a law that prevented schools doing anything that could contribute to the "promotion of homosexuality" or "promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship".

Section 28 was fucking bullshit. Schools were not allowed to teach that hey, some families do indeed have same sex parents, that same sex relationships existed, and most importantly, they were not allowed in the most cringeworthy parts of sex education to give the important safety advice about the stuff you need to do differently if you are having sex with someone of your own gender. LGB (we hadn't added the T yet) support groups in schools were disbanded for fear they contravened Section 28. Teachers who were having completely legal and settled same sex relationships weren't allowed to talk about them in school.

Pretending that gay people didn't exist didn't stop kids of my generation growing up to be gay anyway. What it did do was cut us off from any line of exterior school-based pastoral support at a difficult time when lots of folk my age did not grow up with accepting parents and families. It contributed to the enormous bullshit load of shame that in the eighties and nineties was still being fired at young gay people.

Bullshit to that. No return to Section 28. No Outsiders is a bullshit programme but Section 28 was worse.

So in the UK a bunch of parents - none of whom are white apparently - have to picket and protest outside their children's school to get the teachers to stop teaching their children a bunch of propaganda, and the response from the government is 'shut down that protest!' and celebration when they are shut down? Jesus christ British kiwis, get out of there asap.

"Stonewall"? Lmao. Wasn't that just gays chimping out because a bunch of lesbos threw shit at cops and got arrested? The cops were just there to bust the mafiosos who ran Stonewall. Then the fags had the nerve to attack innocent drivers who were just driving home from work.

So happy to see that a bunch of shrill morons are doing their damnedest to undo all the progress gays and lesbians worked so hard for.
What progress? They're still being degenerates just as most of them did before. Now they're just being obnoxious asshats in public now rather than keeping their true nature bottled up.

Lmao how bout you keep sexuality shit in sex-ed; But i bet at this point that is fucking useless now.
If they want to put things in sex-ed put: "The anus is not a sex organ and it's not built for taking dick. You'll get AIDS." They advise kids on safe sex anyways. If gays want to shove their shit onto society then let's shove right back. That's the only thing they understand.

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