LGBT Kiwis: what's the most ignorant/homophobic thing they told you? -

  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.

AF 802

Oh c'mon you motherfucking faggots, crank it up, I thought I could harvest some good insults/comebacks for special gender freaks but the best one is this?

This one is just hilarious man, a hetero equivalent would just send my sides into deep space. You can do better fuckers.
It was just mostly a shitpost, but I can honest to God expect someone to say that.
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Haunted by furries
Perhaps it's a more ironic thing, but given that I'm not into men, I've had numerous gay men try and hit on me. I've just made it a habit that when someone asks for my nudes, I just send them Chris-Chan's and once sent Shmorky's. It worked rather well in shutting them up. I just find it funny how gays will cry homophobia if a straight tries to convert them, but when they try to convert someone to being attracted to them, it's all of a sudden okay. I should be able to choose who I want to fuck as much as they do. People with double-standards and shit like that can go fuck themselves with a cheese grater.
A heterosexual furry?

About as likely as this I'm guessing. How have you survied the sea of dog cock?

Bennett Beeny

Sickest tranny in MegaCity One
Nothing too bad despite spending a lot of my life in rural shitholes. The worst was putting two and two together on my own dad's logic. I heard him say at one time that all faggots got molested as a kid to get that way, and then way later he asked me if I was gay because I never brought girlfriends around. I've always kept my sexuality a big secret so I didn't mind the ignorant comments, but nigger the implications here are astounding. I'm pretty sure I've never been molested but goddamn sometimes you have to wonder.