LGBT Kiwis: what's the most ignorant/homophobic thing they told you? -

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Has anyones parents straight up asked them if they were gay?
Mine did a couple times and it was super awkward. Ive had strangers ask me the too but its just so much more awkward when my parents asked.
My mom asked me if my brother was gay. I responded with something along the lines of "IDK. If you care so much, why not ask him?" Of course, I went and told him what our mom had asked me. His response was like "huhwhut?" which isn't a yes or a no, but really I don't care if he's queer or not. I guess our mom hopes he will sow his seed, since I will never use my uterus for its intended purpose.

I was the one who told my mom I was bi. She told me I should pick a side.


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I had a drunk friend-of-a-friend ask me in-depth questions about anal which was pretty odd, and people often say some fairly homophobic things before they find out I'm gay, since I'm not a glitter-bombing fairy so that's always worth a chuckle when they find out.

I called someone a faggot out loud (meaning the internet use of the word) and my partner got really huffy about it so I guess I'm just as bad

e. When I was bringing my partner home to meet my parents (who still live on the other side of the planet) we were going to stay at their house, and we were all on a family video call to plan the trip (yes I know) and my dad made a joke about having put bunk beds in my old room for my sister's kids when they stay over, and he said something about having to decide who was going to be top and who was going to be bottom and my sister freaked out about not saying that kind of thing but he didn't even realise what he'd said could be taken that way and then got all embarrassed. I couldn't stop laughing.


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I'll be blunt, all you fags and dykes aren't normal and for the most part no one in mainstream America likes you. Kill yourself and while you're at it, kill some people. Let's free up this country of some people. Fuck everyone......

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Haha, the most ignorant thing I've been told was that I wasn't allowed to enter the house of a friend while I was in middle school, for self identifying as bi. Her parents were insane christians, you know how it is.
You're a degenerate pervert, the parents were justified. Bi people are just sick queers who aren't ballsy enough to be fags.
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Faggot isn't a gender neutral term? I suppose we'll need a new word to keep with the times, how does faggx sound?
as I see it, faggotry is a state of mind rather than a sexuality
example: the kind of lads who are nowadays call 'fuckboys' would definitely have been ridiculed and called faggots 20 years ago, regardless of their sexuality - and quite right too
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whenever i've been called a faggot even though

1. i'm actually a girl
2. i'm bi not fully gay.
Have you ever started a thread in 4chan or other similar sites? Well, there's your answer.

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whenever i've been called a faggot even though

1. i'm actually a girl
2. i'm bi not fully gay.

i don't mind being picked on for being bi bc it happens to everyone, but i despise the word "faggot"
Shut up, tranny.
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Been called a faggot a few times, but that doesn't bother me since I use the word as well.

Honestly I've had more issues within the LGBT community than I have with straight people. The community really doesn't like a gay who wants a normal monogamous relationship, leans to the right politically and doesn't endorse the degeneracy you'll often find within the community.


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Oh shit, I completely forgot about this story until seeing this thread pop up again.

A couple of years ago when me and a friend were talking, I told her in confidence about a guy I was hooking up with. She thought it was so cool I was into dicks that she went ahead and outed me to everyone in our friend circle much to my displeasure. She didn't even apologize for it. Most of them didn't care except for one friend who kept telling everyone about my love for wang and constantly called me a faggot as a dumb joke. I told him to knock that shit off but he kept doing it, so I ditched both him and the chick that outed me pretty quickly after that. Dunno what that guy's deal was, he was super camp and flamboyant and into shit like theater and dressing up yet he was super disgusted by homosexuals so I think he was buried deep in the closet or something.

Funnily enough a colleague ended up outing me by accident a few years later and he apologized and nobody gave a fuck. Weird how hard that is for some people.
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Once my sister told me that "fags are so whiny and have such a victim complex that we should make a country just for them and ship them there, like with J3ws". Now, six years later, she's sperging about troons and how Hungary are violating their human rights, and that illnesses don't affect male and females in different ways and WHAT IF SOMEBODY IS BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!!11!!1

I'm exhausted.