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don't step on me
I used to be gay but I just couldn't hack it anymore. That hormonal male sweat and hot steaming man ass, it's like a really gross essential oil diffuser. Those smells are like a directionless high-pitched tone whining at the edge of your hearing, layered on top of everything else. It can never be drowned out or ignored. So I stopped, my sense of smell is just too good. Women smell better, they have that natural high grade stockfish scent, it's very nice.


Severely Enabled
I thought I was bi for a long time because I've always been really attracted to women, about as much as men, then I had sex with a chick and I really didn't like it. I still find women sexually appealing, but the thought of actually fucking one again does nothing for me. I don't know what that makes me but I'm sure there's some made up word from Tumblr for it.

Surf and TERF
I've got a date on Friday with someone I met on an app. We've been texting over the past couple of weeks and it seems like we might actually get along.

Then again, online dating has never worked out for me so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Jarring surprises always seem to come up when you meet someone in real life that you've only known virtually.

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