Culture LGBTQ People Are Forced to Constantly Code-Switch and It's Exhausting - Queer, trans, and non-binary people have to do the extra work of changing how they speak, act and express themselves in everyday spaces.

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What is most confusing to me about this article is that the "code-switching" they refer to sounds like completely normal everyday thing everyone does to some extent, faggots or not. When I hang out with my drinking buddies, I use a different kind of language than when I talk to my student peers at the school, and when I talk to my elderly relatives I use different kind of language than when I talk to my partner. These people complaining about this shit are just so fucking self-absorbed that they think this is because of their "special" nature, while in truth it's just something very integral to human civilization.
"Code switching" absolutely is the completely normal activity of fitting into situations.

I'm drunk at a party with kids I went to school with? Aw shit, that south shore accent's coming out, I'll probably be cursing like a sailor, shit like that.

I'm at a job interview with a professional? Well I speak as clearly as possible, no swearing, extra polite.

I'm hanging out with some young black kids? Well... I'm probably going to be a little awkward, as I just don't have much experience in those scenarios, but I imagine with enough exposure I'd tend to emulate them.

Intersectional Feminists have to label everything and make it a thing. Like "emotional labor", code switching is a thing (although I insist the term "code switching" is stupid) and, when talking about privilege in a socioeconomic framework, it can be relevent. Inner city black kids have to "code switch" harder than suburban white kids, thus performing more "emotional labor".

But like all things SJW, it's about making yourself the biggest victim in the room.


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These fucking faggots are making it really hard to just be gay these days.

Things about me that are different since before I came out as gay ~15 years ago:

I don't hide that I'm gay.

And that's the end of the exhaustive list. There was about, oh... Maybe a year, year and a half right at the start where I almost got caught up in some of the toxic elements of the gay community. The performative queerness, the destructive hedonism, etc. Thankfully I dodged that bullet, ultimately. Hopefully these poor souls can do the same, but I doubt it.

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"Code-Switching" in the correct context is something so basic and simple that I didn't even realize it was a thing until it was mentioned in the correct context

What's being mentioned in this article is people trying to conflate emotions with genders and swapping back and forth, which does probably get tiring. Making a billion fake, shallow personalities around stereotypical traits (or 'clever' inversions of such stereotypes) must be mentally taxing.

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This is a whole lot of words to admit the uncomfortable reality that troonscience has a lot of overlap with crippling autism.

“Queers read me as prudish or uninterested by way of my blunted, autistic affect; straight scenes tend to read me as innocent. I swear like a sailor, and that bursts both bubbles a little, but people are often very surprised to learn that I'm a sex worker.”
In other words, the world is bad because we're not all mind readers who instinctually know exactly how to interpret your rubik's cube of self-imposed labels that most people who don't live on the internet have never even heard of because they're busy trying to "code" in their own lives. I have to talk differently with my coworkers than I do with my friends too, do I also get a medal?

While these moments of tenderness and solidarity are heartwarming, they illustrate an uncomfortable reality for LGBTQ people, which is that most spaces entail a risk of violence, hostility and misunderstanding
I love the attempt to conflate words with violence here. After taking a solid paragraph to list all of your labels, it's everyone else's fault for not knowing how to speak to you in the exact way that's going to make you comfortable? Maybe people are wary of getting too familiar or involved in your drama because every other day there's another article about someone whose livelihood is getting destroyed because they accidentally misgendered someone. It's a lot easier just to keep autistic snowflakes at a polite arm's length than invite them into your inner circle and risk being labeled a bigot and having a mob swelled up against you for breaking some rule you didn't even know existed, even if that means they aren't as open to letting their guard down and treating you as one of their in-group.

“Even getting yelled at would not be great—I wouldn't really know how to handle it.”
And there it is. This is all just because you shouldn't have to deal with any difficulty or ever be told the word no.
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The fuck is code switching? where do these terms come from and why do they make zero fucking sense.
Within linguistics it means mixing up the two+ languages you speak within a single sentence, ex Chinglish
I went to nage shangdian mai some cheap yifu
(I went to that store to buy some cheap clothes)
So here its a reference to how faggots need to "change" between gay-speak and acting like a normal person.


I feel as if I live on a different planet than these people. There are two types of gay. People like myself and my partner who live regular lives, have respectable jobs in the community and the respect of our neighbors, even if they don't care much for what we do in our own home, we aren't shoving it in their face either and they respect us as hard working and polite people.

The other type of gay people are psychos who spend most of their day trying to out victim each other so they can claim more pity-bux. Whatever happened to just being yourself? Nobody is able to develop interesting personality traits and skills anymore, they demand allies on the basis of victimhood instead of being liked for being an interesting person. I don't know at what point mental illness became acceptable but it's destroying society daily because these people are let loose to inflict themselves on others.

Being LGBT these days is an embarrassment.


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Woah here this time I thought I was just talking politely to my various dick head patients instead of telling them to 'jog on dickhead' because it's professional, now I know it's because I'm bisexual!

Code switching is part of being a functional human being, different situations require different mannerisms and social proof of status. This is further proof that SJWs are all severely autistic.
Associating sjw to autism is doing a great disservice to the autists
When I get customers that I know or assume are queer, I get a lot more vocal fry, laugh and swear more, and talk with my hands a whole lot,
Holy shit, they do that on purpose? They think that's a good thing that endears them with people? Good to see more confirmation "Yeah gay culture is about putting on a fake facade".

Can I just complain for a second that "vocal fry" is the fucking stupidest term for what it is. Fry? FRY?‽ Call it 'pretentiousing' and maybe people will stop...

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