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I've been neglecting this thread, this is the first part of three streams that Liam titled "Burning Bridges." In a return to form the Orange Koala took to Youtube to rant about his enemies in true Liam fashion. For any Liamologists who miss the old Liam these streams will give you the nostalgia you crave. The first stream was a rant about Oz Show regulars Well Read User 1, Amit Raina and Ryzie Lee.

This stream would feature a guest appearance from former Xenotype artist Mangaka Ody who appeared in chat to ask "how much you think would Xeno 2 make?"

Burning Bridges [Try Not To Break Me Baby] ❤️🔥
August 9th 2021

Liam has a habit of deleting his livestreams and recently had several archive channels on Bitchute taken down with copyright violations, the first stream will be broken up and archived below for prosperity.

Great timing, he's livestreaming his life story right now:


Liam has quite a bit going on these days.

Alot of this has to do with disappointment and cope given the failure of his Wonder Island crowdfunding campaign. But he is also burning quickly
through the list of people he is still on good terms with. Apparently behind the scenes for months, there had been intense fighting between Micah/Liam/Leedle
over Micah/Leedle's attempts to tard wrangle him. And one of Liam's biggest psyche triggers has always been people trying to "tell him what to do".
He also continues to get gradually more aggressive about throwing Ody under the bus over Xenotype. Liam is moving toward a narrative where
everything people criticized about the book was Ody's fault and that Liam lost money making Xenotype according to Ody's irrational demands.

Also as usual with Liam, there is a degree of honesty about his situation that slips through the nonsense. The biggest recent example being him talking
about how he is getting pressure from his new in-laws with regard to his plans to support wife and child through his comic business.

These are some of the highlights from the burning bridges streams. But there is alot more. Every Liam stream recently seems like a gold mine
of new weirdness. The burning bridges streams were great, but the "I'm not gay" stream and the stream about Liam's balls were really
remarkable as well. Then there was the sex with animals stuff and how he was going to tell his daughter when she was 18 years old about it to
help her somehow.

Toward the end of the "I'm not gay" stream, Liam threatened to burn everything and everyone to the ground after his baby was born. That he would
go to the media and CBR to tell them everything. People need to leave him alone or bad things are going to happen to them.

- Liam broke with Micah Curtis and Leedle. The break was in part over their past efforts to tard wrangle him. He also claimed that Leedle lacked the work
ethic to work for conquest comics.
- Liam is going to lose one or both of his balls.
- All the bad things that happened to Liam are God's plan for him.
- Liam has been accused of being into adult baby sexplay and adult diaper stuff.
- Liam has been accused of being bisexual.
- Liam did some streaming content about bestiality and horse-sex involving some guy he knew in high school or something.
- Liam denied having nude photos of Ethan Van Sciver.
- Liam believes that there is a conspiracy to get him to fight with Ethan Van Sciver.
- Liam expects his daughter to live "a wild life".
- Liam gave his advice on fighting kangaroos in one stream.
- Liam told a couple interesting stories about how his potential in-laws are putting pressure on him about how he will support their daughter and the child. They
apparently think that Liam getting a real job might be a better way to support the family than crowdfunded comics. Liam said his in-laws consider his behavior
and refusal to get a job to support his child "irresponsible".
- Being associated with Micah Curtis cost Liam customers.
- Anna's grief over her sister was (to Liam) just like his love for his Dog Punkz. Liam had his dog Punkz for almost 20 years.
- Ethan wants a fight with Liam and he is going to try to destroy Liam. But Liam will not let him.
- A group of people wanted Liam to bring down Ethan Van Sciver.
- Liam didn't respond to his Kiwi Farms thread because its "dumb".
- For Liam to go after EVS, it would have to be worth it to him somehow.
- Liam has discovered that his enemies are inflicting something he calls "reactive abuse" on him.
- Liam was betrayed by Michael Bancroft. Bancroft didn't allow Liam to promote wonder island on his streams.
- Liam was ghosted by Sweetcast when he asked to go on his show and present his comic wonder island.
- In the last of the broken bridges streams, Liam had some overweight tattooed woman on who he claims is the mother of his child.
- Manga-Chan sees Liam as her father. But in a good way. Liam saved her from men who were stalking her and hired lawyers for her.
- Liam was never involved in "baby fetish" sexual stuff with Leedle. (this one was kind of out of left field)
- Liam was going to sue all of his enemies into oblivion but after spending AUS $6,000, he decided he could better spend his money buying houses for his friends. So he dropped the lawsuits.
- Liam revised the story about him and Vinnie working on Spider-man (or being offered Spider-man). That story (now) never happened.
- Liam went on Christian dating sites because at the time his teenage sweetheart got hooked on drugs. After she ended up in a mental hospital, Liam went looking for a pure woman to share his life with.
But he was kicked off the dating site for using four letter words.
- Liam left the RPG gaming community because he was being sexually harassed by a woman.
- Liam revised the story about his alleged stab wound to the head. Rather than getting it as a street fighting punk rocker, he now got it defending nerds in high school.
- Liam told the story of how (in high school) he beat up some kickboxer. Then the Kickboxer's kickboxer sister tried to fight Liam. But Liam's code does not allow him
to fight women. So he allowed her to punch him in the face for several minutes and took not one step back.
- Liam lives in rural Australia because it is the best place to be in the event of a nuclear war.
- Liam claimed that the bad element in Warcampaign was Testefy and his etsy boys. That they were responsible for all the bad things warcampaign had ever
been accused of. That the good people in Warcapaign were suffering for the crimes of Testefy. Warcampaign loved Anna (that star wars girl) but Testefy
and company were stalking her while they were in warcampaign.
- Liam revised the story of that one stream where he claimed someone was being assaulted in front of his house and ended the stream. He now
claims that he was stabbed during the incident and returned - covered in blood - to continue the stream.
- Liam claims that Wonder Island is based on a "he man aesthetic" rather than anything to do with Legend of Zelda.
- Liam claims his daughter is going to look like Mary Jane Watson from Spider-man and that she will be a popular girl who all the boys will want sex with.
- Liam fought the Red Lace Boys back when he was a punk roadie in New Jersey. They were going to hurt Liam's black friend so he beat them up.
- During his time as leader of the nerds in his high school, Liam had to teach the nerds to wipe their asses. Because, according to Liam, chicks
will do ugly guys or dirty guys but no chick will do a guy who stinks.
- Liam is sometimes suggesting that rather than being a "partner", the women he claims to be having a child with is his wife.
- Liam sent massive amounts of data to the FBI detailing the pedo conspiracy within the comics industry. Liam has all the proof of everything
and most of the attacks on him are retaliation from the pedos or the pedo aligned.
- Liam claimed that someone reported his car as stolen to the police.
- Liam claimed that his house had been attacked with paint
- Everything said about Liam other than on Liam's streams is a photoshopped lie.
- Liam is happy. He is extremely happy. He constantly tells everyone how happy he is. He is NOT mentally ill. Doctors have told him he is not mentally ill.
- If people keep going after Liam "Shit is going to go down" and his enemies will be peeing their pants.
- Liam is going to die within the next ten years.

I've summarized the stream where Liam tells his (new) life story. He has since made the stream private which is a shame because while it is still a not anywhere near a completely honest account, its seems more honest than he has ever been previously. And while its inconsistant with previous versions of his life story, it inconsistent in more plausible ways.

Then again, this could be the work of a total sociopath who saw the stuff from Jim Metokur in recent days and adopted it into a story to sell more copies of his Legend of Zelda derivative comic. He could also have looked at write-ups about his life that people have done and tried to create a more realistic version out of the stories he has already told.

And the inclusion of the bestiality story in the middle of what is in theory a heartfelt video to his daughter makes me lean in the direction of sociopath. The other thing is that while he describes his mother in very negative terms here, he had her on that stream a long while ago to tell everyone what a good boy he was.

But if its lies, at least is a better constructed set of lies than he has ever told in the past.

2:50 Liam is separated from his family. He has not seen his father since he was 4.

3:15 Liam was born in South Grafton. His father came to Australia from Ireland. They were a family of doctors and teachers. His father, Eugene, was a black sheep.

4:04 Ethan’s father fell into rock n roll and substance abuse. His mother was also a drug addict. His daughter will have minimal or no contact with his mother.

5:15 His parents were in motorcycle gangs selling drugs. He mentions a gang called the Gladiators.

5:45 Liam’s mother abused various drugs when she was pregnant. His genetic problems have pros and cons.

6:16 Liam was born a week premature and born “dead”. His earlest memories are of bligh street. He was with his parents until he was 3 or 4. His grandparents gave him a copy of AESOP’s fables when he was 4 and somehow he could read it I guess.

7:50 Liam started school at the age of 4.

8:27 Liam was beat up by his father while his father was raping his mother over a hot grill. His father said to 4 year old Liam “You think you are a man?”. Liam was severely beaten and stuck to the floor. This incident filled Liam with hatred. He could not get up after the beating.

10:37 His dad left. When his mom told him to get up and he didn’t, his mom got angry. The neighbors eventually came over and took young Liam to the hospital. They talked about putting him into foster care but didn’t.

11:54 When Liam was five, he was looking for ways to get out of the house. His mother was very promiscuous and did not love him. That made Liam angry.

13:19 Members of the Gladiators Biker Gang would come over to Liam’s house and burn him with cigarettes. By this time, Liam was “the man of the house”.

14:52 The only good thing Liam had growing up was his dog. He had the dog from birth. The dog was more like a mother to him than his own mother.

16:11 The family was so poor they could not afford bread. His mother did not shop for food. His mother lived with Aboriginals. Liam’s dog was eventually poisoned by someone. This made Liam sad and angry.

17:09 Liam looked like Little Tarzan and never cut his hair.

18:50 When Liam went to school, he expected to be treated as an adult but was not. This caused him problems. He challenged authority. He taught himself to draw by watching Astro Boy.

20:07 He Man gave Liam his morals and a sense that there was goodness in the world. Liam fought with kids and teachers. He was out of control.

20:51 Liam did not receive respect in school. He would throw chairs at teachers. But he had a sense of right and wrong from cartoons. He would also stand up for the oppressed kids in school. One of the guys gave him a “monster in the pocket” toy as a reward for saving him.

23:17 Liam claims that Harlen Ellison was a close friend and he has 30 letters from him. He never uses the name, but gives details which make it clear that it was Ellison.

24:03 Liam was very popular kid in early school.

25:11 He was now in foster care. Then he took care of his grandmother. He threw forks in microwaves and sugar into gas tanks.

26:10 His mother went through rehab and the family was reunited in a trailer park. Then his mother disappeared for 2.5 weeks. Liam ran the house while she was gone. Then he ran out of food and started stealing food from others in the trailer park. Liam also knew nothing about paying rent so Child Services showed up and took him away into foster care.

28:11 Liam breaks out through a window from the school. Liam tries to save his brother from being taken into foster care. He stabs a teacher with a compass. Another teacher fights Liam and Liam bites him to get away. Liam got away, jumped a fence and hits the highways.

29:45 Liam hitchhiked back home to the trailer. He locked himself in. Liam continued to attend school during this time after stabbing the teacher and living on his own in the trailer. Eventually he was taken in by child services and he was put into foster care again.

31:48 Liam was running out of foster homes to go to and there was a danger of being put in Juvenile detention. Liam is about seven at this point. But Liam is put with a Christian family in foster care. He found Christians to be stuffy, awkward and annoying. He thought they were stupid.

33:37 Liam took one of their children’s hamsters and fed them to a cat. Then he went to the foster parents bed and peed in it.

34:38 They went to his mother’s parents. They are a controlling and abusing family. All of them are bad. The government gave them a large amount of money to take care of Liam. His mother (18 or 19 at the time) contested this in court. She said that Liam had “stolen her life” by being born and she just wanted to party. [NOTE – Since Liam was 7 years old at this time, his mother gave birth to him and was married apparently at the age of 12].

36:19 Liam decided he hated his mother because of this. Liam tended his mothers caesarian wounds after the birth of his brother. He cooked dinner for the family when apparently under seven years old.

37:44 Liam has occasionally taken pity on his mother. Liam was moved out to his grandparents property out in the bush. When Liam was 3 years old, a neighbor girl fed him dry dog food to keep him alive.

39:44 His life in the bush was slingshots, bows & arrows, motorbikes and killing snakes. He met the girl who lived on the farm next store. Liam is nine years old and hints that he had sex with her.

41:04 Liam gained his love for nature living in the bush. When Liam was 3, there was a large black stallion near. His parents were wasted. The horse kicked him in the chest. The scar from it didn’t fade into he was 11 or 12. Doctors say that if he had been any older, he would have died from the impact.

43:05 Liam (4th grade) moves back to the city. He is “the bad kid” in school and the class clown. He was hard enough at that point that he could fight grown men. He would bite, kick and otherwise assault people. He had already been suspected and expelled from every other school in the district.

45:30 Liam was isolated and taken up to the principle’s office. He was made to sit in a chair and not move. He grabbed a chair and took it down the hall to talk to another kid. The kid (Troy) had an animanaics t-shirt that Liam liked.

49:16 Liam told the kid was he was his new best friend. The kid was confused. Liam talked to him about x-men. He went on to become Liam’s best friend. He would die for him. Kids liked Liam and he was popular. But he never had birthday parties and wasn’t allowed at other peoples birthday parties.

51:30 Liam joined cub scouts. His scout leader was an old soldier who channeled Liam into the right path. He taught Liam how to fight with knives, how to start fires. Troy was allowed to go into scouts with Liam. The ex-soldier cultivated Liam as a leader and he became the leader of the scouts.

56:10 Liam met a homosexual in scouts. He was a genius. He taught Liam a lot and made him feel stupid. He was the tall, strong son of a footballer. Liam accepted that Liam was dumb.

59:10 The guy became lonely and wanted to be loved. Liam and the rest of his pals got girls. But the gay guy didn’t. He had bad hygene. He became desperate. Then he became bisexual then homosexual then got into bestiality. His parents bought him a dog to have sex with which caused Liam to break contact with him. He later tried to commit suicide.

1:01:11 Liam ran into the guy into animals just the other day. Liam said he looked like he was dead inside. Liam told him he had the number 1 comic book in Australia. He admitted to Liam that he was being done in by his own bad choices. Liam then describes how the guy had sex with horses twice.

1:03:03 People involved in identity politics will lead people to loneness and depression like Liam’s animal loving friend.

1:04:05 Liam was in the army reserves. Liam had to make a life choice between the army or his art. Liam could not become a man who killed for a living.

1:04:52 At the age of 14, Liam is at a school dance. Liam knows the girls will not want to dance with him because he was ugly. Liam is listening to the butthole surfers on his Walkman. Out of panic, Liam pulled a rope which dropped a whole bunch of medicine balls and basketballs on the people at the dance.

1:08:17 After Liam had hurt all the people at the dance, he had a moment of shame and ran away from the dance. Nobody figured out it was Liam that did it and someone else was blamed. Liam introduced the kid who was blamed to Thunderbolt comics. Liam also got him a girlfriend who he later married.

1:10:40 Liam asked himself “Do I want to be a destroyer”. Liam organized a schoolwide protest over animal rights where people screamed meat is murder.

1:11:42 Liam went through and thought about the things that he loved. He made a list of the things he loved: (a) Liam (b) Saturday morning cartoons (c) Comic Books. Liam discovered he was a nerd.

1:13:44 Liam, who had previously hated nerds, went around to all the nerds and organized them. He marched them to the library. There were 24 of them. He said that he was now their protector. He told them to hang out in the library and be friends with each other. Liam promised to beat anyone who messed with them.

1:17:30 Liam had to get into two fights to protect them. He made the nerds clean their asses. All of them (but the animal sex guy) went on to be married and successful in life.

1:18:37 At about 15 or 16, Liam was expelled from school. Liam punched out a music teacher among other things After that he was in permanent school detention for nine months. Liam learned how to make comics while he was in detention.

1:21:35 Liam was padlocked in a room during the day at school during this time and now allowed to use the kids bathrooms in the school.

1:22:58 After getting kicked out of school, Liam would still hang out at school with the nerds. Liam thought that it was wrong that he was punished for beating up teachers and that they had no right to keep him away from his friends.

1:24:07 Liam’s “Scout Hole” was sold off and turned into an art gallery. Liam was somehow in charge of the scouts after he was kicked out of school.

1:25:94 Liam claims that Neon Genesis Evangelion was airing on regular TV in Australia while he was in high school.

1:26:18 Liam then started touring with punk bands. Liam was an atheist at this time but dated a Christian woman. She became a drug addict. Liam was so strong and tough that he “ran the town”. He thought he was a superhero. Liam sometimes would just go kick in the heads of some meth-heads,

1:30:00 At 16, people were trying to get Liam into the army. But Liam wasn’t a killer. He decided to devote his life to his comic books. Liam was one of the best artists in his school.

1:32:30 At 17, Liam put together a portfolio of his comic work. He sent his portfolio to the two comics companies in Australia. But the companies refused to look at his portfolio for legal reasons.

1:34:31 After being rejected by Australian comics, Liam became a punk band roadie. It was hard.

1:36:26 Liam’s guardian (his grandfather) told him he was a man and gave him a bill for $20,000. He tried to charge Liam for every single thing he had ever bought for Liam. Liam’s brother was killed via ADHD medication and was transformed into “a guy who works” rather than a dreamer like Liam. Liam has tried set up his brother with women and it has not worked.

1:39:50 After Liam got the bill from his grandfather, he told Liam to get a job. Liam didn’t want any part of that. So rather than get a job, Liam decided to live on the streets. Liam lived with his friends for a while but the parents didn’t like that for some reason. He ran out of places to crash at.

1:42:50 Rather than work, Liam became homeless and slept on top of public toilets with his dog Punkz.

1:43:30 Liam panhandled and picked up broken class to have the money to keep his clothes clean.

1:44:08 Liam couldn’t get any welfare from the government because he had no address.

1:45:22 Liam would get day-old goods from bakeries and then sell them to people on the road.

1:46:19 The cops started going after Liam because he was a homeless person. Liam thought about going to jail to live there, but was worried about what would happen to his dog. He solve his problem by moving between towns on buses on a regular rotation. The secret to being homeless is keeping business.

1:48:23 After working with a punk band called (he can’t remember), Liam was introduced to the fan club scene and the internet. Though Liam was not a Christian, he somehow became a fan of the band MXPX. And then became a Christian somehow through their business manager (Michele Herrera).

1:49:50 Liam would get phone cards and called Michele Herrera internationally to help. She told Liam to go to churches for help but the churches in Australia were bad and didn’t help Liam.

1:50:40 Liam met people in fan clubs over the internet who eventually became famous in music. He claims that important people have Liam’s art on their bodies. But Liam was concerned about the drugs and the risk of drug addiction in the music scene.

1:54:24 Liam won contests for writing. He wrote a music video that went to the top of the charts in Australia. Liam was never a performer. He was just a punk roadie. He got into a group called SHARP: (Skinheads against Racial Prejudice) He fought socialists, Nazis and racist skinheads in the punk scene. Liam took on four “Red Lace Boys” to save his black friend.

1:57:00 Liam explains how EMO killed punk. Then there is a gap in the story where he claims to have travelled the world and then arrives in New Jersey. He went to just about every country in the world.

1:57:39 Liam is living in New Jersey. He has lots of money, a house and is very happy. He was with a woman he was going to marry. He did all of this due to reading a spider-man comic when he was younger. He was a Christian at this point. He had been converted by Michele Herrera – the merchandise manager of MXPX.

2:01:49 Liam writes the author who wrote the spider-man comic that changed his life. He wrote back to him and told Liam he had a very similar life. He talked to Liam about how comics used to be done in the old days and taught Liam how to make comic books.

2:04:50 The comic guy told Liam it was against his religion to accept gifts. He told Liam to just “pass it on”.

2:05:26 Liam never got to be famous, but he got a moment.

2:05:54 The comic guy convinced Liam to be a comic writer rather than an artist.

2:07:18 Liam got into writing record reviews.

2:07:52 Liam has three houses.

2:08:33 Liam made a mistake and its important his daughter learns from his mistakes. He got into a dumb fight. He saw people were suffering and wanted to fight for them. It was called the culture war.

2:09:33 Liam got caught up in the culture war and lost his mentor because of his politics. He wanted to see Trump build a wall to stop sex trafficking. He is angry about sex trafficking because of things he has seen in the Philippines.

2:10:44 This is 2017. Liam loses many of his friends because of Trump and Liam supporting Trump’s wall. He was unemployed for a long while because of this. He and his mentor agreed that they would agree not to know each other.

2:12:35 The right thing is just to be nice to people according to Liam. Liam should not have supported Trump’s wall and ruined his career.

2:14:21 He thinks the best thing to do is for people to keep their political opinions to themselves.

2:14:51 Liam had a brain aneurism. He has memory issues. It was caused by stress. He had a degree of paranoia after.

2:18:40 After many months, Liam was able to recover.

2:20:13 Liam starts talking about his current illness and his balls. He claims he can laugh at it all.

2:21:03 Liam’s “partner” was selling Karate Kid DVDs. He went over to her house to buy the DVD. She had locked herself in her car by the time he had gotten there. She had sold several DVDs for the wrong price and asked if Liam could buy more. Then Liam just gave her a bunch of cash. Liam conceive his child while watching Cobra Kai.

2:23:55 Liam had three girlfriends at the time he met her. Older women according to Liam have fewer options in terms of men. All the women knew about each other and competed for Liam’s attention. But Liam bonded with his current woman. Liam’s relationships had been about buying things for women like cars and houses. This relationship is about what the woman can do for Liam. Liam can just demand food from her at any time and she would drop everything to bring food to Liam. There was no commitment and Liam was seeing three other women. Then she invited Liam to Church and Liam decided to marry her.

2:28:53 This was at the same time Liam was curing the dogs of their Parvo. He spent thousands of dollars saving the dogs. There are claims Liam had affairs on the woman he married. But those are all photoshopped lies.

2:32:17 Liam had people stalking him. He had to move to fix the problem. He is prosecuting one person over it currently.

2:33:00 He mentions Ody and how he finally accomplished something with Xenotype. It took Liam a long time to become someone he liked. Then he starts hinting that he is going to die.

2:35:12 He says he is not trying to leave. He is just about in tears at this point.

Orson Raygun
Liam also thinks Xenotype is just as good as Robert Kirkman's Invincible and should be given the same amount of love. Liam also claims his artwork is just as good as Shane Davis and we'll get to see it with the upcoming Dino King

Pilule Noire
Yes, Liam repeated that he "taught Ody how to draw" today, he said it completely seriously. He says he might switch to doing the drawing himself to save money, which makes you wonder why he didn't think of that before.

Also it seems Liam has gone in for another round of dramatic DFE on his channel, but before he did, there was an amusing period in recent weeks where, while campaigning for funding for his children's boyhood adventure comic 'Wonder Island', the most popular video on his Conquest Comics channel was entitled 'ChrisChan fucked his mother'.

Liam did a stream today. He claimed the baby is due in about four weeks. He also described how his life has been changed by discovering Kipling's poem "if".

Kipling was inspired to write the poem by a man who attempted to overthrow a government in africa in 1896 by leading an army of mercenaries against it. He organized the coup basically on the orders of a businessman. The coup failed , his actions as a military leader were comically inept and his entire force surrendered. He was sent back to Britain and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was eventually pardoned and released from prison. The man who inspired the poem was basically the opposite of everything said in the poem.

I think the point of the stream was that Liam had decided (again) to leave comicsgate. He says he was doing this for his mental health, his employees and because he was somehow inspired by Kipling's poem to leave comicsgate after having already left comicsgate months ago. He has also forgiven everyone. (I would somewhat imagine that Nasser is probably not included in this general amnesty due to the nature of his imaginary crimes against Liam)

After denying a little while ago all the stories about Vinnie T having been promised a spider-man book and then it being taken away, the stories seem to be back in the Liam canon. (As of the stream "real talk" on 9/4/2021). The stories where Liam was involved in working on that spider-man book and that marvel writers/editors were conspiring agaainst Liam are still out of Liam canon. Liam says it never happened. That the person who last recounted what Liam had said was both drunk and high on weed. This follows a more general pattern of Liam disowning all the more absurd stories he used to tell about himself and claiming that the stories were made up by his enemies. He is able to somewhat get away with it because he deletes his old streams and goes to great lengths to ensure that nobody clips his old streams. History is whatever Liam says it is at any given time. Liam didn't invent this of course. Rewriting history by removing the evidence has been a comicsgate tradition going back years. Mitch Breitweiser is perhaps the worst example because through deletion of streams, he is able these days to claim that he never had anything to do with comicsgate.

Liam also claimed in the "real talk" stream that "anti-comicsgate" had recently attacked his house. He also inferred that "anti-comicsgate" was behind all the hacking of his phones, his routers and his bank accounts. He claimed that he handed two posts on Kiwi Farms over to law enforcement. He claimed that people had put death threats against him up on the farms (but then said he was "paraphrasing". He further elaborated that Kiwis were trying to get him to kill himself or cause him to suffer new problems from his brain aneurism. so he would die.

Liam now claims that the famous "bring ---- to me" stream was done as humor to lift the spirits of people in America who were depressed over politics and elections. He claims now to have been quoting General Zod from the Superman movies. Sure Liam......

Liam now claims to have been one of the earliest people in comicsgate and was making videos about comicsgate subjects before even gamergate.

Liam is operating under the delusion that he can turn things around through a combination of information suppression and spinning past events into new narratives. His lack of self-awareness and overconfidence in his ability to manipulate others is part of what has made him a LOLCOW. The biggest joke is that people have repeatedly told him the way out. The way out being to stop acting like a LOLCOW and to just be quiet. But like alot of cows, giving up being a cow is the unthinkable thing. Liam wants to get out of the hole he has dug by digging deeper.


Liam did a stream in 9/8/2021 mostly complaining about COVID. His "partner" is apparently unvaccinated. Liam doesn't like the fact that he is no longer allowed to be present when she sees doctors and that the doctors are urging her to get vaccinated. He described his partner as "submissive" and I think he was implying that she might be influenced by doctors outside his presence. The more he talks about his "partner", the more genuinely creepy the whole relationship sounds. The way he was talking (about his kids again) also suggests that perhaps she already has multiple children by others.

Liam claimed that unemployed people had recently broken into his home looking for food. He also spread some paranoia about COVID being in reality a planned economic attack on the west by the Chinese. He also claimed that military people have told him about COVID detention camps being built by the Australian government on Christmas Island. Liam isn't ready to give up on Australian civilization quiet yet, but he seems genuinely concerned about the potential for something bad to happen..
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Some absolutely vintage Liam squeezed onto the net today:

I'm not even twenty minutes in and I had to stop, it was too funny. I'm saving the rest for later. Short headline highlight: Liam has a giant-armed army guy friend who has put together a military action plan for Liam to make a success of his crowdfunding efforts, they are going to make knife-fighting and shooting videos together, also Liam will be doing paranormal videos and folklore video and Monster in my Pocket (the toy) videos, and also he's going to build a castle. See why I had to stop? I don't want to actually injure myself from laughing so much.

Some absolutely vintage Liam squeezed onto the net today:
Liam's army friend also did an "intelligence investigation" where he watched Liam's old videos and collected the names of the unreliable. Liam is promising another purge of the faithful to get rid of more of the infiltrators around him. Liam now realizes that he is in "enemy territory" and must act accordingly.
He is reaching Sketch Therapy levels of paranoia now.

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Some absolutely vintage Liam squeezed onto the net today:

I'm not even twenty minutes in and I had to stop, it was too funny. I'm saving the rest for later. Short headline highlight: Liam has a giant-armed army guy friend who has put together a military action plan for Liam to make a success of his crowdfunding efforts, they are going to make knife-fighting and shooting videos together, also Liam will be doing paranormal videos and folklore video and Monster in my Pocket (the toy) videos, and also he's going to build a castle. See why I had to stop? I don't want to actually injure myself from laughing so much.
Basically Liam pulled a Micah Curtis and made a boring stream about how he is going to make his channel interesting...

At some point he tells how he killed a boar with arrows while a boyscout and at around 40 minutes he mentions he plans to do Flat Earth videos and maybe make a seperate channel for this...

Around 52 minutes he throws shade at @FROG for being late with Cyberfrog (calling him "his competition")
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JDA managed to do a efap stream covering Liam's entire EVS patreon-only video. After having attempted yesterday to copyright strike a stream that had not yet happened (successfully he claimed), Liam apparently decided he would sleep through the entire stream. He claims he woke up right when it was ending. I guess nobody told him that you could issue strikes on livestreams in progress.
If JDA is smart, he will follow Liam's way of doing things and simply private the stream immediately to avoid a strike. But he probably isn't that smart. Maybe he will surprise me.
I didn't think JDA would do it. And I didn't think Liam would just let it happen not taking any action at all to bring down the stream.
As in all situations where Liam is under stress due to the internet, he produced another tweet about his pregnant wife. She is going to the doctor (again) today.


Bewildered Ape is a Closeted Gay, after Green Card
JDA managed to do a efap stream covering Liam's entire EVS patreon-only video. After having attempted yesterday to copyright strike a stream that had not yet happened (successfully he claimed), Liam apparently decided he would sleep through the entire stream. He claims he woke up right when it was ending. I guess nobody told him that you could issue strikes on livestreams in progress.
If JDA is smart, he will follow Liam's way of doing things and simply private the stream immediately to avoid a strike. But he probably isn't that smart. Maybe he will surprise me.
I didn't think JDA would do it. And I didn't think Liam would just let it happen not taking any action at all to bring down the stream.
As in all situations where Liam is under stress due to the internet, he produced another tweet about his pregnant wife. She is going to the doctor (again) today.
Has this video been uploaded somewhere?

On Jon's YT channel I couldn't see it.

Has this video been uploaded somewhere?

On Jon's YT channel I couldn't see it.
Jon seemed to have immediately removed it from the youtube channel which was reasonably smart. It probably pre-empted any successful strike against the channel by Liam.

I was able to watch about 70% of it. It was basically a return to Liam telling a more false account of his early involvement with comics. In particular he started suggesting again that he was working for Marvel in the early 2000s. He also presented an extremely false account of his early involvement and "founding" of comicsgate. JDA called him out on one very specific point where he claimed that he was talking to JDA all the time in 2018 as a fellow creator. JDA looked it up and his only contact was about three messages with Liam in the fall of 2018. Liam in 2018 complained to JDA about JDA's contacts with Vox Day and asked marketing advice from him in the aftermath of his first crowdfunding campaign (Sway: Reign) failing.

The parts I missed covered his interactions with Ethan from 2019 to 2021. There was something about him contacting EVS's wife, but I don't remember what it was. The JDA stream was so long (4 hours) and there was so much commentary between bits of Liam's stream (which was 1 hour) that it often wasn't easy to follow what Liam was saying. The basics again suggested that Liam was fan-stalking EVS and imagining himself to be a peer of EVS.

It may take a little while, but the Liam content in it will come out. If not video, then a full transcript or timestamps of what was said because he can't copyright strike that kind of material.

There was a somewhat unintentionally funny "bit" Liam did at the start of the video where he presented a bible and literally swore on it that everything he was going to say was true. It was a sociopath moment for him in that he was willing to go that far with his untruths. The picture with the suit and the bible was also kind of good in that it made him look like a televangelist.


Motherfucker posting rants about being booted from the Australian comics scene as a whole just minutes after joining
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Liam defined his version of Christianity on a recent stream.

Liam sees Christianity as being a religion for "Wolves" rather than "Lambs". The role of the Christian "Wolf" is to protect the "Lambs" by doing whatever is necessary. To Liam, a Christian Wolf is ten times as valuable as a Christian Lamb because of the greater power of wolves. Liam considers the concept of Christian Morality to be rather dubious. That Christians who attempt to be Christ-like are making a terrible mistake. Christian Wolves may have to do bad thinks, but they can do them knowing that they can gain foregiveness for whatever wrongs they have done on their deathbed.

Liam holds that organized religion is antithetical to the message of Jesus Christ. That in "Wolf" Christianity, what matters is (a) personal loyalty to other Christian Wolves, (b) unity and (c) good works, He says that dogma, doctrine and points of religious belief don't matter. That things like that are best left entirely out of the public space and belong in the home. That Christians, regardless of their beliefs, should unite around doing good works. Liam also believes that Muslims can be Christians too if they left their sectarian beliefs in their homes and united with Christians to do good works.

This is somewhat a followup to an earlier stream on religion with Micah Curtis (before Liam's break with Micah). In the stream, Micah went into detail about how he loved being a Christian, but hated Church and all the people who went to church. They also went into some detail about how they hated Doug TenNapel because of Doug's attempts to follow the model of Christ in his life. They hated Mike S. Miller because he was weak. They hated Edwin Boyette because he was not the sort of person who should ever attempt to lead christians (presumably in light of the newer stuff because he was not a wolf).

This also ties into an older stream where Liam shared his admiration and empathy for the Homelander character in the TV series "the boys". Liam sees Homelander as a tragic figure isolated from humanity by his greatness. Most people would tend to see Homelander as a delusional psychopath. But Liam's empathy for Homelander provides a degree of insight both into Liam's self-image and his ideal of the "Christian Wolf".


Its apparently Liam's birthday. (October 3, 1983).
Liam's wife is still in the hospital and he is sitting alone in his house. He seems to be suffering from postpartum depression. The only good in life he has found recently is the new he-man cartoon. The nurses have told him his baby is really advanced for a several day old. He revealed that he has two dogs. And he has decided not to produce another litter of puppies from them this year. Based on video evidence, he had previously bred his dogs every year back to 2018.
In the inevitable batshit crazy moment, Liam says his wife is making him apologize to Elasi Affairs. The two have been kind of feuding and mutually efaping for a few days. I guess his wife is now tard wrangling Liam from her hospital bed. I hope it ends better for her than it ended for Leedle and Micah Curtis.