• ”lost my virginity at 22 to a tranny like a normal person”

Careercow Liam Madigan / Lily Tess MadiganRape joke-making troon who's now the UK Labour Party's "Woman's" Officer

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Old Wizard, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. methode%2Ftimes%2Fprod%2Fweb%2Fbin%2Fc24db698-cd58-11e7-a505-dffc08ac33de.jpg
    This is Liam "Lily" Madigan, the new Women's Officer of the UK Labour Party.
    Keep in mind that the role of Women's Officer is for women only. Liam found a loophole. He publicly campaigned (along with MRA Adrie Van Der Meer) to have former Woman's Officer Anne Ruzylo removed from her post because of alleged "transphobia". With enough harassment he succeeded and took her position, causing many other women to step down from their positions out of protest.

    Liam is a fan of rape jokes, science denial, having mental breakdowns over any kind of criticism, and other common troon antics. On top of this, Madigan has ties to Rat King Katelyn Burns / Kyle Burns Garrett / Transscribe / ClosetTransGirl of EverydayFeminism (a stark supporter of Madigan) and is gaining more and more support from fellow well-known troons through publicity even though he hasn't even been sworn in yet.

    Here are some photos of Liam for your viewing pleasure.

    Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 6.17.37 PM.png
    Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 6.17.21 PM.png

    Rape Jokes on Twitter


    On his old Twitter, Liam can be seen making a blowjob motion with his hands and mouth in his profile picture. His Twitter links to "rape.com/savillesapprentice", a reference to sexual predator and TV personality Jimmy Saville.

    Liam claimed at first that this Twitter belonged to his brother, and then that it was made specifically to bully him.

    Charlie Ray commented on this.

    “This is what appears to be Liam “Lily” Madigan. He was just elected as Women’s Officer in Rochester and Strood, in a county called Kent in the UK. He describes himself on his own facebook page as “incapable of love.”

    Liam could have run for LGBT officer but instead filled the position that is supposed to be for women. Not only is he impeding the rights of women to be represented in government, he also used the laws in the UK to force his way into female bathrooms at his highschool.

    This is just weeks after Liam and fellow transactivists demanded the removal of a female Labour member, Anne Ruzylo, a butch lesbian, which resulted in “the executive committee of a local Labour Party [to] resigned en masse in support of [Anne Ruzylo] who was allegedly subjected to months of harassment by transgender rights campaigners.” (The Times UK)

    Liam claims that this is a twitter which was made to bully him with his “old name,” but appears to be from 4 years ago, and Liam publicly transitioned last year when he threatened his school for not letting him wear girl’s uniforms or use the girl’s bathrooms.

    He posted on his page that he was being “bullied” by someone creating these fake accounts, but when Alex Robbins went to his page to ask about it he said that this was the one. He then shut down his profile for public viewing. I have a screenshot in the comments. I believe him to be lying.

    Fun times for women here. These kids are manipulating government, and it needs to stop.“

    - Charlie Rae

    Troon Politics

    Liam argues that biology is anti-feminist

    “Like most women, I’m a feminist. [Feminism and trans activism] aren’t mutually exclusive issues, far from it. I would argue strongly that all appeals to biology are anti-feminist. We can’t challenge the view we are limited by our biology in one breath and use the biology argument against trans women in the next.”

    He believes that not allowing men to compete in a woman-only Race for Cancer event is comparable to racism, more specifically not allowing Rosa Parks to sit on a bus seat and excluding people from competing in a race because of their skin color.


    When criticised by the media and women of the Labour Party, naturally he troons out.

    Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 6.16.49 PM.png
    If you can't handle criticism, you probably shouldn't go into politics. It's also worth mentioning that he's a legal adult.

    Update: As of 12/6, Liam has threatened to use the contact information of those who criticize him that he will be given in order to retaliate against them.



    Nov 15th - Female Labour Party officials quit to protest Liam replacing a woman as Woman's Officer
    Nov 25th - Liam applies for the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Program

    People to Know

    Transscribe - Fellow ratking and member of the Madigan defense squad.
    Arguing with other Twitter users over Madigan's transition process
    Retweeted support post

    Adrie Van Der Meer
    - secretary for UKLabour Bexhill and Battle CLP who helped Liam harass Ruzylo into resigning, total MRA gentleman. He hates women with an incel-like passion and talks about it on his Twitter nonstop.
    tumblr_inline_p04fhtkFjR1votzbf_500.jpg tumblr_inline_p04fht1uld1votzbf_500.jpg tumblr_inline_p04fhu7T4h1votzbf_500.jpg tumblr_inline_p04fhtOHPZ1votzbf_500.jpg

    Anne Ruzylo- Butch lesbian and former Woman's Officer for the Labor Party

    Social Media & Websites

    Wikipedia Page

    So what do you think guys, is this a troll or is that too :optimistic:?

    This will definitely escalate once Liam is actually given the role officially. To be updated.

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    #1 Old Wizard, Dec 6, 2017
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    Old Wizard

    Old Wizard Public Enemy #1

  2. I applaud all the women who quit because a man got a woman's position.
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    REGENDarySumanai Man of excellent taste

  3. Does this person have links to other rat kingers in this forum? Your OP doesn't show any and a quick glance at the Twitter isn't showing any either. If there's no links, this thread will be deleted or moved from this subforum.
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    Ride Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  4. He will probably proceed to remplace them by other tranny,
    creating the only woman-only ministry composed 100% by mens.
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    Autistic Illuminati

    Autistic Illuminati cumbucket of a handicaped man

  5. We nuked the wrong island.
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    Dorsia.Reservation When she fuck me good, I take her ass to Dorsia.

  6. LOL, I rememeber seeing this fag around in several newsfeeds! Good show!
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    Mariposa Electrique

    Mariposa Electrique In 2021, Chris will leave 14 BC.
    True & Honest Fan

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    #7 autista, Dec 6, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017

    autista gender gifted

  7. @Ride I updated the OP to include the ties to Katelyn Burns that I missed before. I'm sure he'll associate himself more with other Rat Kings (he's already close to Shonfaye, who doesn't have a thread here but is similar to Burns) once he actually gets the job officially. It's hard to say whether or not Madigan will use his position for personal gain, but he's already applied for jobs and opportunities specifically for women despite being obviously unqualified. It's your call.
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    Old Wizard

    Old Wizard Public Enemy #1

  8. If you're going into a woman's position at least put on the effort to look like one God the UK is becoming a joke and not a funny one
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    Pikapool The Pikachu with the mouth

  9. Excuse me sir, it looks like you've put your new ikea brand persön together wrong, if you are unsure what to put where please don't be afraid to ask for help.
    We can be reached at 1-866-866-IKEA. Have a good day valued customer.

    Seriously though, 'lookism' aside, props to this incel for actually getting out there and ruining things in person, rather than just impotently whining on the internet.

    Consider this though, he is actually doing exactly what people have said men would do if trannies got the treatment they've been REEEEEing for. Maybe after a couple of chuckle fucks like this we will see people wise up. (:optimistic: I know)
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    ConcernedAnon Concerned and hopefully anonymous

  10. Still the prettiest woman in England.
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    Replicant Sasquatch

    Replicant Sasquatch Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?

  11. Bring back National Service. And make sure his Company and Regimental Sergeants Major are ex Scots Guards.
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  12. How can you tell?
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  13. What the fuck is wrong with his face? Why all the rippling and dimpling?
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    saltnpepe Butt Froster

  14. Acne scars, I'm assuming. He looks like shit - I don't know how you can be 19 and look like a middle aged meth addict.
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    Rabbit Bones

    Rabbit Bones If he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster
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  15. > claims to be a feminist
    > bullies women out of a womens' ministry


    What. A. Jerk.

    I wonder if he's anorexic.
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    Miss Hortensia

    Miss Hortensia Yet another Eurofag

  16. Nothing says real womyn™ like severe androgenic acne that blue balled incel nerds get.
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    saltnpepe Butt Froster

  17. HIV-associated lipodystrophy
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    shitavious jenkems

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  18. Nice example of Labour's politically-correct apparatchiks pandering to a ruthless, mentally-ill clown.
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    Curt Sibling

    Curt Sibling Napoleon Blownapart
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  19. The joy of Momentum's screaming jackboot Kinder, Gentler Politics.
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    Ponderous Pillock

    Ponderous Pillock Can't actually be barraged.
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