Careercow Liam Madigan / Lily Tess Madigan - Rape joke-making troon who's now the UK Labour Party's "Woman's" Officer

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IIRC, bottom right is Jess Bradley.


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You see, some of us don't know incest properly.
IIRC, bottom right is Jess Bradley.

He's STILL under investigation as of October, according to based normie transsexual and troon observer Rose of Dawn.

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He's STILL under investigation as of October, according to based normie transsexual and troon observer Rose of Dawn.

Jess Bradley isn't still under investigation. The investigation never completed, but don't doubt it finished.

The union investigation was suspended while an external investigation (not initiated by the union) was undertaken, for unknown purposes. While all this was going on, the post of trans officer was defunded, and so ceased to exist. The post has since been reinstated, but is now held by someone else (allegedly a close friend of Bradley), meaning if there was still an investigation going, the union would be powerless to do anything to Bradley at its conclusion.


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I just got into this stuff and find it extremely concerning yet also hilarious. I decided to make this to celebrate my favorite transgender heroes.

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Nicely done. For the next edition, see if you can find an undoctored pic of Hayden (second from left, bottom row). He's used a face feminizing program, believe it or not, which is why he uses that as his profile pic. In truth, dude looks like a big slab of ham.


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Liam's toying with wearing some Bacofoil to an alleged first date. Manages a humble brag about buying the frock "in L.A" in his Twatter. I don't know how to search the source of the dress pic but suspect it's some crappy UK high st chain.

Delfi Collective. California-based indie fashion label and boutique. Dresses in the $400-600 range. It never ceases to amuse me how kids embrace the ugliest, homliest styles of the past— in this case, the highnecked, ruffled schoolmarm disco dresses of the 70s. He’s gonna look like Bobbi Culp.


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