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We are under attack.

The site was down for about 3 weeks because I was worried specific family members may lose their livelihoods. I took the sites down with the idea that I'd go to school for law and get a name change and just blend back into society like I had before the CWCki Forums became such an all-consuming project.

Despite capitulating, the harassment of family has continued. Now their demands have changed. It's changed from "take down the site or we'll attack half a dozen people" to "surrender all user data so we can attack thousands of your users". They want every IP, all private messages, user registration data, etc. I'm not doing that. I'm not throwing you under the bus.

There will be plenty of time to pin blame and name names with these people. I am now in a position to hit back. The first and best way to do this is to restore the site and make sure they will never get what they want again. We are on the same team and we can make sure these people who want to cause you problems will never win.

In short, I want to work for you and for the community. I will never restrict core features (like search), so instead I will offer simple account cosmetics and other fun things people have already asked for. This is the best route to sustaining the website. I advertise our donation page, people pitch in, I devote myself to building software and websites for you guys full time and we never have to worry about this again.

I like hosting this site.
I like knowing you guys.
I want to protect you and your free speech.
I want to open sister sites that bring unadulterated freedom of speech to less free parts of the world.

However, I cannot do this alone anymore. I need you. I need people who like you who want to see it continue to exist and pitch in to help on a recurring basis.

The combined expenses of this website and its sister sites (including annual costs split by 12) adds up to about $400 a month. $10 an hour gets you about $1600 a month. So, that's what I'm asking for: $2000 a month. If this community of 12,000 registered users and 350,000 monthly visitors can net me the bare minimum I need to survive, I will pour myself into what I do without distraction.

Allow me to work directly for you and this community and we will do great things.

Four more years.

Card: (save your receipt #)
Bitcoin: (save your tx number)
If you need another option let me know.
Please do not mail me cash or check. My address is defunct.

Edit: Please stop asking about PayPal and Patreon. Both services are completely out of the question.

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I want Kiwi Farms address please.

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