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Null deserves whatever happens to his family, karma is a bitch. Ironic how he's trying to get sympathy money now like all the people this site mocks, dude dug his own grave like an exceptional individual by not changing his handle after getting doxed in the first place
Are you for real nigger? Joined in 2015 with 2 messages. Your a sock, a sped or a faggot. You are a trifecta of autism.


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Who's asshurt here? I'm financially stable without relying on begging a bunch of nerds on a website bc "waah i'm being harassed" my life's great

The only thing wrong with Null's business model is that it requires him to do some actual work and take some risks, unlike TLL's where Greta and Nina pull $60,000 plus expenses for travelling around the country with their band while volunteers do the actual work.


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Sssh little sperg. You are out of your hugbox. Mommies gonna bring your chicken tendies v soon.

Sure feels like I'm in a hugbox right now

It's not like Null is basically unhirable by pretty much everyone who can follow the breadcrumbs or anything. If he could have a stable job, I'm pretty sure he would.

And who's fault is that? His own. He made his bed, no tears shed

Rat Speaker

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I'm hirable and have a job and support myself, I'm getting my way just fine.

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