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I'm so late to this party-I stopped checking desperately and daily after two weeks. Then I got horribly sick and wasnt online. I recovered in March and discovered it was back up. Wish I'd knows in Feb but whatever. If it was announced, I used a throwaway email as I'm sure many did. Am still catching up, but so so glad.

I've donated but will again. For those afraid, you can buy a one time visa gift card and use that. It may not keep you from being doxxed since it has your name, I think, but it will keep your other cards safe.

I don't know how to do bitcoin, I bought a sticker last time.

Maybe those of us who can donate without many problems can do a contest for those who can't. I'm not rich and am sick, but still can donate my money plus 25.00 for one person who rates all my posts winner for two weeks. :). 10.00 for those who rate like or agree. :). ( not everybody but somebody commited)

Not sure where I can put this offer, but I'm happy to @Null-let me know. Maybe others can take over after me.?

I wish patreon would be an option cuz it'd be a good one. None of the funding site would work?

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