Life of Bria / Sabrina Barker Fairley Symington / Stephen Symington - another tranny comic maker attempting to get popular by riding on Assigned Male

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Christ, these proportions are dreadful.

And wasn't the shorter one supposed to be fatter? Why did she suddenly turn pear-shaped?
Here is the 2nd page for body comparisons. My question is why did the main trannies head grow bigger then onisions?
Has Bria ever seen a woman's chest? Nat's tits look like they're growing under her armpits.
Well both characters are trannies, so it's not a women's chest tbf.


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Creating a story reliant on mystery means that you need to get the pacing right. With this, it’s just mystery after mystery with no resolution, week after week. It’s like, troon finds something weird, runs around, finds something weird, repeat. With no resolution or, importantly, any hint that the author knows how this is all going to resolve. And the more unsolved mysteries there are, paradoxically, the less tension the narrative has, because the reader loses faith in the author.

Think about the new Star Wars trilogy. People were excited by the mysteries it raised, then they lost interest as soon as it became clear that there was no grand plan and none of the “twists” mattered.

TL;DR - The final words in this story arc will be “The Aristocrats!”